'Arrow' Season 2 Premiere Photo Gallery Features Old Friends & New Enemies

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in 'Arrow' season 2

It's been a long wait (well, almost five months) for Arrow fans who are eager to find out what happened to Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and his friends after the shocking events at the end of the vigilante justice show's first season. The series premiere pulled in four million viewers for The CW earlier this year and, considering how strong the ratings remained, the first episode of the second season may well end up attracting an even larger audience.

Courtesy of The CW, we now have a massive gallery of stills from the season 2 premiere episode "City of Heroes", the title of which strongly hints at a season arc of other vigilantes being inspired by Oliver or coming to fight by his side. Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) seems like the most obvious choice to become Oliver's apprentice, since this would be in keeping with the comic book canon, and the introduction of the super-powered Flash (Grant Gustin) later in the season may also open the floodgates for more heroes with abilities outside of the ordinary - like Green Lantern, for example.

Check out the images from the Arrow season 2 premiere below, which include a tense business meeting between Oliver and his new rival Isabel Rochev (Summer Glau), a shot of Diggle leaping into action and some scenes in the nightclub that is the front for Oliver's Arrowcave. Be warned that some of these images could be considered mild spoilers for the episode.

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It looks like a tense meeting between Oliver, Felicity and Isabel is interrupted by some kind of violent attack, though it's unclear whether this has been orchestrated by Isabel herself or by some outside force. We've been promised two new villains this season, one of whom will likely appear in the island flashbacks with Isabel seeming like a strong candidate for the other. In the comics, Isabel believed that Queen Industries rightfully belongs to her, so we can probably expect to see her trying to take the company out from under Oliver's feet this season.

For those viewers who are heavily invested in the romance aspect of the show (we know you're out there, don't be shy), it looks like there will also be some focus placed upon the relationship between Thea "Speedy" Queen (Willa Holland) and Roy Harper. As a resident of the Glades, Roy will no doubt have been hit hard by the events of the season 1 finale, but he and Thea appear to be still going strong.

There's more to be gleaned from these stills and we invite Screen Rant readers to do so during the wait for the season premiere, but as one last note on the bright side, it seems as though Felicity has received a promotion at Queen Consolidated. Formerly relegated to the lower floors as a computer technician, Felicity is shown in these stills wearing a business suit during the meeting with Isabel. We already know that she took it upon herself to redecorate the Arrowcave during Oliver's absence, so perhaps she helped run his daytime business as well.

With only a week left to go, tell us your wishlist for (as-yet unannounced) DC characters to be introduced in the second season of Arrow.


Arrow returns to the The CW on Wednesday, October 9th.

Source: The CW

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