'Arrow' Showrunner Talks Oliver Queen Romance in Season 2; Metamorpho to Appear?

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow Darkness on the Edge of Town

As DC and Warner Bros. continue to develop their interconnected Cinematic Universe, they've been folding in their hit CW series Arrow more and more - to the point of announcing that The Flash (or at least human alter ego Barry Allen)  will be introduced on the show with an eye toward his own series (rather than the movie adaptation many were expecting).

As far as teasing new characters from the DC Universe goes, executive producer Marc Guggenheim has tweeted a teaser pic of a mock-up for a vehicle with the caption "Coming to Season 2...": a black van with the words "Metamorpho Chemicals" on the side.

This is a reference to the character Rex Mason, A.K.A. Metamorpho/Element Man, who in the comic books is an "adventurer" granted the power to transform his body into different elements by an Egyptian artifact known as the "Orb of Ra." In the New 52 continuity, the character is a member of the superhero group the Outsiders, but has also been associated with the Justice League.

This image could be nothing more than an Easter Egg reference to the show's comic book origins. It could also be a hint that Metamorpho will indeed appear as a character, but with a different origin story. The marked lack of superpowers in the Arrow universe (so far) would indicate that Metamorpho's backstory will be significantly altered, but with the planned introduction of The Flash as a recurring character during Season 2 (possibly without powers), the "no superpowers" approach could be in flux.

Arrow_Oliver and Felicity

As the Season 2 premiere approaches, we've had a rundown of the new gadgets that bow-wielding billionaire-vigilante Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) will have at his disposal, we've learned of several new villains Oliver will have to contend with, and now executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells Entertainment Weekly that fans can expect several new options for Oliver's romantic life, with the potential for love triangles - or even quadrangles - to appear.

Specifically, Kreisberg discussed Oliver's relationship with IT girl Felicity Smoak, who created much of his weaponry and redesigned Arrowcave:

“I think a part of Felicity’s arc this season is realizing that she can enunciate her feelings for Oliver — not necessarily to Oliver, but you know, I think she’s going to be dealing with that." 

With the chemistry between the characters already in place along with the "will they or won't they" angle, the showrunners intend to play this out, with Kreisberg adding, “you’ve got to tease fans just the right amount.”

Arrow_Oliver and Laurel

In true CW fashion, Kreisberg also teased more complications regarding this aspect of the show (which is ostensibly about a masked vigilante who shoots people with arrows), commenting that “Felicity is going to have a surprising love interest this season coming down the pike.”

And that's not all, all of you who need a side of tween-centric relationship drama with your superhero antics. The new season is likely to see even more romantic entanglements for the already-busy Oliver Queen (who was back with his ex, Laurel Lance, by the end of Season 1).

Says Kreisberg:

“I think that any woman on this show whose last name isn’t Queen is a potential love interest for Oliver. Part of the fun of these early episodes is seeing that there are some new women and old women in Oliver’s life and guessing which way the arrow of his heart is going to take him.”

So all this romantic melodrama is really just a way for the CW to expand Arrow's viewer base from comic book superhero-fan boys to a younger, female audience. It's certainly a sound business approach, but will stuffing love triangle subplots into Season 2 really be for the best? The CW may want to mold this into Smallville(and we're not saying that it does, but it's starting to look that way), but not everyone will stick around to watch it happen.


Season 2 of Arrow premieres Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 @8pm on the CW.

Source: EW

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