Arrow: Early Prometheus Concept Art Includes Comic-Accurate Mask

Recently released concept art for The CW's Arrow reveals a few alternate designs for last season's big bad, Prometheus, including one or two looks that are a bit more comic-accurate than what we saw on screen. The villainous Prometheus made his debut in 1998, bursting onto the scene in a big way in the pages of Morrison's famed JLA run. The character's first crossover appearance saw him rip through the Justice League of America and nearly take them down singlehandedly.

Comic Prometheus doesn't possess any true superpowers, but his distinct armor isn't just for show; his helmet is complimented by a set of disks which he can download directly into his brain, allowing him to duplicate the combat abilities of the greatest fighters on Earth, including the likes of Batman and Lady Shiva. Oh, and he's also a Batman-level polymath that's hellbent on annihilating "the forces of justice", and he's got the brains and the willpower to pull it off. Long story short, Prometheus is badass.

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Understandably, a few tweaks were needed in order to bring Prometheus into the Arrowverse to face off against Oliver Queen's Green Arrow. But while the main villain of season 5 certainly registers as one of the show's better big bads, fans never greeted the character's drastic redesign quite as warmly. Producer Marc Guggenheim has stressed that Arrow's take on Prometheus was unrelated to the comic character of the same name, though certain aspects of the DC villain were indeed incorporated into the CW series over the course of the season. And now that concept illustrationist Andy Poon has revealed his alternate takes on the character's mask, we can't help but wonder if Arrow's Prometheus was originally intended to be a bit more comic accurate.

Here are some variations of the mask design for Prometheus. In the comic, Prometheus wears a helmet that allows him to put CD into it that helps him learn different martial art. Prometheus played by Josh Segarra. @dccomics @cw_arrow @mrjoshuita #prometheus #adrianchase #concept #illustration #costume #design #characterdesign

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Comic Prometheus' high tech, Medieval knight-like helmet was never going to be directly adapted to the grounded and gritty world of Arrow, but the three alternate designs featured above are all a bit more reminiscent of the character's trademark look. The unused concept art pieces all incorporate a bit of purple into the mask, and the design on the top right even features Prometheus' classic visor. Admittedly, the visor looks awesome as an illustration, but it probably would have looked pretty goofy if it had been applied to the fabrics employed by the Arrowverse villain.

A new version of Prometheus is set to return to the small screen tonight during the Arrowverse's latest crossover event, "Crisis on Earth-X", despite having been killed off at the end of Arrow season 5. That's alternate universe magic at its best, folks.

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“Crisis on Earth-X” takes place across two nights on Monday, November 27 and Tuesday, November 28 on The CW. Supergirl and Arrow air tonight, and The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow will air on Tuesday.

Source: Andy Poon

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