Arrow's Oliver & Felicity Are Switching Roles

Oliver and Felicity swap roles while Helix teams up with Black Siren in the Arrow season 6 episode, 'Reversal'. While Arrow season 6 continues to address the trauma that Team Arrow is dealing with after the events on Lian Yu, a new thread has emerged. With Diggle now in the Green Arrow role and Oliver taking time off to be a father, the two characters are currently walking in the other person's shoes. Oliver will soon find himself in another unfamiliar position: the man in the chair.

The trailer for 'Reversal' brings Black Siren back into the action in a big way. With Katie Cassidy able to play a wildly different take on Laurel, she's been able to add a sense of excitement to her scenes. That will continue this week, as she joins forces with members of Helix - the hacktivist group Felicity was apart of last season. Because of this, Overwatch will be heading into the field while Oliver attempts to help her out from back at headquarters. Naturally, it's an awkward transition.

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The CW released a featurette for tonight's episode of Arrow, breaking down the titular reversal that will see Oliver try his hand at Felicity's job. With Oliver now in a more passive position, a new side of his character will be explored. Likewise, Felicty's plot will position her more at the center of the story as she deals with a mess she helped create. TV Line spoke with David Ramsey about what Black Siren and Helix will be up to in 'Reversal', and it sounds like their leader Cayden James will be a big part of it:

"It’s all on Cayden James, man! It’s [Helix boss] Cayden James and Black Siren this week. You get to find out, “Who is Cayden James?” Mmm-hmmm. So that’s happening. And also, Felicity feels as if she can handle Cayden James and this revelation without the team, so there’s a moment for her at the end of this that’s helped by Oliver. Again, you have Oliver playing this position of almost Diggle, to the whole team, in a lot of ways for the next several episodes. It’s a much more mature Oliver — not just with what he’s doing with his son, but giving Felicity the key last week…. And that extends further this week as he helps her realize she needs the team to handle the Cayden James revelation."

With so much narrative weight placed on James and his only appearance so far featuring the hacker wearing a hood, it seems like he'll be the mysterious character Michael Emerson is playing. It was already known that Emerson would be one of the big bads this season, and all the secrecy surrounding his character and James seems to position them as one and the same.

As for how Felicity will handle her part in James' actions, EW spoke with Emily Bett Rickards about how her character will go about freeing one of Star City's newest villains:

“Originally setting him free was supposed to be a positive and that’s all that was going to be. Having him come back and stir the pot, like a reminder, something you thought would never happen to you again happens again, and you just thought you were done with it, so Felicity wants to take the reins into her own hands and do it, which is why she denies the team’s help, but obviously you can’t work alone.”

With 'Reversal' combining various Team Arrow foes, forcing Oliver into a new role, and allowing Felicity to deal with the consequences of her actions, this week's Arrow should be a tense hour of television. Things don't look like they're going to get easier anytime soon on the show, either.

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Sources: The CW, TV LineEW

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