Arrow's On A Break: Here's When The Show Returns (& What To Expect When It Does)

Arrow Brothers and SIsters Mia Smoak and Emiko Queen

Despite only having recently returned from its midseason break, Arrow season 7 is taking another hiatus for several weeks. This has left many fans wondering when the show will return and what they can expect to see once it does.

The most recent run of episodes has seen some major changes in the status quo of Arrow. The biggest change is that all of Star City's superheroes had their secret identities exposed to the public. Ironically this came after they had saved the intensely anti-vigilante Mayor Pollard from assassination at a town-hall meeting where she was debating Oliver Queen on the place of costumed crime-fighters in their city. Mayor Pollard elected to have them all formally deputized by the police in the same way that Green Arrow was, believing that eventually they would screw up and prove her right to be suspicious of superheroes.

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Beyond that, season 7 has seen a number of changes to the makeup of Team Arrow, with Curtis Holt resigning his position with ARGUS. At the same time, Rene "Wild Dog" Ramirez started an official partnership with the new Green Arrow, believing that they were the only thing keeping the peace in the Star City slums. This stood in ironic contrast to the revelation that Rene Ramirez had become mayor of the Glades in the future of Star City 2038 and was leading an anti-vigilante movement.

When Arrow Season 7 Returns In March

Arrow season 7 is scheduled to return on Monday, March 4, 2019. The series will remain in its current time-slot on The CW at 8 PM EST. It is planned, however, for Arrow to move to the 9 PM EST time-slot on April 1, when Legends of Tomorrow season 4 returns. Legends of Tomorrow will then air on Mondays in the 8 PM EST time-slot.

What To Expect When Arrow Returns in March

Arrow Emiko Queen and Oliver Queen in Brothers and Sisters

The title of the first Arrow episode after the show returns, "Brothers and Sisters," gives us some idea of what to expect. The most recent episode, "Star City Slayer," ended with a flash-forward scene where Oliver Queen's son William confronted Blackstar (an information broker in the future of Star City 2038) in the ruins of Team Arrow's old base. It was here that Blackstar revealed herself as Mia Smoak - the daughter of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak.

The synopsis for "Brothers and Sisters" confirms that the other pair of secret siblings revealed in Arrow season 7's present will also figure into the action of the episode.  The mid-season finale, "Unmasked," revealed Star City's new Green Arrow as a woman who had never been seen before on the show. She was later identified as Emiko Queen - the product of one of Robert Queen's affairs. While first reluctant to accept Oliver's invitation to become a part of his life, Emiko eventually agreed to consider the possibility.

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The trailer for "Brothers and Sisters" also reveals that the episode will showcase John Diggle's plans to revive ARGUS' Suicide Squad program under the new name of the Ghost Initiative. Diggle's plotline in Arrow season 7 has focused on his efforts to track down a sinister financier known as Dante. With Diggle's only lead on finding Dante being crime boss Ricardo "The Dragon" Diaz, Diggle reactivated the government program which recruits convicted criminals as covert agents for missions in which the American government needs plausible deniability in exchange for time being taken off of their sentences.

Naturally Diggle isn't happy about this but he sees it as the lesser of two evils, given the dangers posed by Dante and his organization. He also realizes, however, that Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak are unlikely to see it that way, given everything Oliver sacrificed to see Diaz's criminal empire destroyed and Felicity nearly dying at Diaz's hands in the Arrow season 7 premiere. Indeed, the trailer for "Brothers and Sisters" reveals that Diggle will finally tell his best friends the truth and they are less than understanding about his position. All of this points to heightened tension among Star City's heroes when Arrow season 7 continues.

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