Arrow: Nick Tarabay Teases Captain Boomerang Return

Captain Boomerang on Arrow

As Arrow nears the season finale of season 5, it looks like the hit CW show still has a few tricks in its quiver. What fans will see in the final six episodes of the season is the build toward an all out war, as Oliver (Stephen Amell) hunts down Prometheus for a final showdown that promises to be epic, and a true return to form for the show.

While the season has picked up in recent weeks following the reveal of Prometheus' identity, the push to the finale has generated questions with regard to at least one familiar face popping up before the current storyline comes to a close. And while an unconfirmed tease of season 2 Big Bad Deathstroke showing up is still out there, it's beginning to look like more rogues are readying an appearance in season 5.

Actor Nick Tarabay took to Twitter earlier today to post a photo teasing his return to the show as the villainous Captain Boomerang. The photo shows his arm and hand in a leather glove and thick coat, holding the signature metal boomerang that gives him his name. The accompanying tweet reads "Who really misses this guy ? Cause as you know....What goes around ALWAYS comes back around."

Who really misses this guy ?

Cause as you know....What goes around ALWAYS comes back around.

— Nick E Tarabay (@nicktarabay) March 24, 2017

Captain Boomerang, aka Digger Harkness, has appeared in Arrow and been mentioned on The Flash, although he hasn't been seen on-screen since season 3. Harkness was part of ARGUS's Suicide Squad on the show, and was taken down by the Arrow and imprisoned in the ARGUS supermax on Lian Yu. His final confrontation with Arrow may come into play in his appearance this season, as he taunted Oliver about his refusal to kill. Oliver has since been revealed to be a killer, and this has been instrumental in both the betrayal of Artemis (Madison McLaughlin), and the fury of Prometheus this season.

It will be interesting to see how Captain Boomerang returns, especially given his long absence and incarceration. This may have changed him, but it is far more likely to inspire him to revenge against the Green Arrow, and that is going to be bad news for Oliver and his team. Tarabay's tweet doesn't say anything more about how he will appear, however, so there is no way to know exactly when he will be returning to the show -- or if it is even Arrow that he will be returning to. It's possible that he could be making a surprise appearance on The Flash, or even Legends of Tomorrow, given the interconnected universe of The CW shows. We'll have to wait to find out -- but thankfully, we won't be waiting too long, with only six weeks to go on the Arrowverse this season.

Arrow continues next Wednesday with ‘Disbanded’ @8pm on The CW.

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Source: Nick Tarabay

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