Diggle Becomes Green Arrow in 'Next of Kin' Sneak Peek

Ahead of tonight's episode of Arrow, two new videos offer an inside look at 'Next of Kin'. While the Arrow season 6 premiere mostly brushed aside the potentially devastating events of last season's finale, things ended with the tease of a new status quo. With Mayor Oliver Queen outed as the Green Arrow, Team Arrow quickly scrambled last week to deflect. Naturally, changing public opinion once again wasn't difficult, but the whole incident hinted at some larger plot points. For one, Oliver is now being pursued by the FBI. There's also still the mystery of who leaked the photo of him in the first place.

While Arrow showed Oliver and his friends making short work of the photo bombshell, the fiasco did force Oliver to once again reexamine his role as a vigilante. Unlike the other times he's done this, however, he now has the well-being of his son to consider. With Samantha dead, Oliver is all William has left - and the kid isn't too young not to know how much danger his father is in every night. As such, Oliver has made a bold decision: hand the mantle to Diggle.

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The CW posted a new featurette offering a sneak peak at tonight's Arrow. 'Next of Kin' will see Diggle suit up as the Green Arrow, fronting the team he's long been a part of. The episode will also be directed by Kevin Tancheroen, who regularly brings his choreography background to superhero TV. Along with the look at tonight's episode, a new clip has also been released, showing Oliver seeking some parenting advice from Felicity (see below).

The William plot is a tricky one for Arrow, as it's changed the dynamic of the series considerably. While this may not sit well with a lot of fans, it's also hard to deny that the change in the status quo could prove interesting. Oliver is at his best when he's growing rather than wallowing in self-pity, and the clip of him and Felicity proves he's more than willing to learn and change now.

It's been confirmed that Diggle won't spend long as Green Arrow, meaning this whole plot could be jettisoned in some way soon. It's hard to imagine Oliver continuing on as father for much longer, but it's equally difficult to ponder where else the show would go with William now that he's so integrated into the series. Regardless, there's no ignoring that Oliver's logic about William losing his father fails to take into account Diggle's own child. While Lyla is still around, it's still a grim gamble to make.

For the time being, Arrow will attempt something a little bit different as it explores more of Oliver outside of the mask. The series will also explore how Diggle's nerve damage prevents him from using a gun, but not a bow and arrow. Arrow has a lot of questions to answer, but the journey looks like it will be an inventive one.

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Arrow continues tonight with 'Next of Kin' at 9 pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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