Arrow: Curtis Will Be More Like Mr. Terrific in Season 5.5

Echo Kellum as Mr. Terrific

Marvel may rule the world of streaming media with their Netflix shows, but DC Comics is alive and well on The CW. Arrow is the flagship series that started it all and the popular show keeps rolling out more and more heroes from the DC Universe as time goes on.

The inclusion of Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum) as a new recurring character in season 4 of the show hinted toward the eventual emergence of Mister Terrific. The hero has been appearing on Arrow for almost two seasons and he's had some trouble finding his groove as a costumed crime fighter, but it looks like that's about to change.

In a new interview with Comicbook conducted with Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim in anticipation of the season 5 midseason premiere,  the producer shed some light on the future of Mister Terrific:

"If you've been watching the first nine episodes, he does have a tendency to get his ass kicked, as we kind of promised. As far as I'm concerned, turning Curtis Holt into a superhero is probably the biggest turn we've ever done on the show. Even more so than turning Laurel into the Black Canary. To my way of thinking, the only way you really earn that is if you show how difficult it is, and that means that Curtis ends up getting his ass kicked quite a bit. I think in episode 10, the mid-season premiere, he kind of hits bottom as far as his self-esteem is concerned, especially in light of the ultimatum that Paul gave him. Starting with episode 10 is his turn, I think, really more towards the Mr. Terrific we know from the comics."

Echo Kellum in Arrow Season 5

Fans will know Mister Terrific from his DC Comics appearaces, which began back in 1997 in the pages of Spectre, volume 3, #54. His alter ego in the comics is actually Michael Holt, but we've seen the DC Comics television universes take liberties with characters over the years, producing their own versions of already well-established comic book characters. The comic book version of Mister Terrific grew up a highly intelligent man who met with tragedy after tragedy, from losing his mentally challenged older brother early on in life to his beloved wife and unborn child as an adult. The accomplished Ph.D. was unable to deal with the constant loss and was contemplating suicide when the Spectre intervened and persuaded him to take up the mantle of Terry Sloane, the Golden Age superhero known as Mister Terrific.

The Arrow version of events is a bit retold, with Curtis Holt becoming a valued employee at Palmer Technologies and an employee of Team Arrow member and then CEO of Palmer Technologies, Felicity Smoak. Holt is eventually inspired to train and hit the streets after being attacked, taking on the persona of his favorite pro-wrestler, Mr. Terrific, also known as Terry Sloane.

Mister Terrific is well meaning, but he is mentally strong and has a big learning curve to overcome as a member of the hero-side of Team Arrow moving forward. The words from Guggenheim are hopeful that by the end of the season fans will see more progress from Curtis. Mister Terrific is a more recent creation as far as the world of superheroes is concerned, but the Arrow version has proven likable and as the first live-action television incarnation of the character, the show will hopefully continue to shape him into a fan favorite.

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