Arrow Teammates Go 'Missing' in New Trailer

In the trailer for next week's Arrow episode 'Missing', some members of Team Arrow vanish and it looks like Adrian Chase is behind it.

Echo Kellum and Juliana Harkavay in Arrow Season 5

[SPOILERS for those not caught up on Arrow ahead.]


The trailer for the next episode of Arrow is here. It's getting close to the end of the fifth season of Arrow and whatever revenge Adrian Chase has been building to all year is nearly at hand. Sure, it seemed like Team Arrow had beaten him when the news that his father was planning to disinherit him literally drove Chase to his knees in surrender. But in the end, capturing Chase was just a little too easy and then there was that smile on his face. Even imprisoned, Chase clearly has something up his sleeve.

While much of the current season has dealt with Oliver confronting his past, there has also been an underlying theme of family. For Chase, that means getting vengeance for his father. For Oliver, there have been two sides to that. His biological family, especially his father who got him started on his journey, and the new family he created when bringing the recruits to Team Arrow. The theme of family came to a head in the episode 'Honor thy Fathers', when Ollie and Thea learned a harsh truth about their father - as did Chase - and Rene dealt with his mixed feelings about facing a hearing to regain custody of his daughter Zoe.

Now The CW has released the trailer for upcoming Arrow season 5 episode 'Missing' - and it looks like Chase has taken advantage of everyone letting their guard down in response to his capture, in order to attack.

The trailer opens with a spot of humor, as the team throws Ollie a surprise birthday party and Ollie accidentally attacks Curtis. With his history and trauma, surprising Oliver Queen is clearly a dangerous thing to do. Things quickly turn dark, however, and Felicity comments that both Curtis and Dinah are missing, and evidence of both being abducted is shown. As is a very pleased Chase, enjoying the chaos from his cell. When Ollie goes to confront Chase, he is informed that Chase's friends are going to kill Ollie's. At that moment, Ollie's phone rings.

Echo Kellum and Juliana Harkavay in Arrow Season 5

Chase's friends most likely are Evelyn Sharp and Talia al Ghul, both of whom have been helping Chase and will appear in the Arrow season 5 finale. Although the 'Missing' trailer specifies Dinah and Curtis, they might not be the only friends of Oliver's in danger. After all, it was easy to assume that Rene didn't show up for Zoe's custody hearing because he chickened out. However, it's possible that that he couldn't be there because he had been kidnapped by Chase's team.

Then there is Ollie's son, William. Chase was seen talking to him one episode earlier, but almost no mention of him was made this week. It might be that he is Chase's first hostage - and his mother, Samantha, could also be a victim. After all, if William was in danger and she could reach out to Ollie, she certainly would.

Oliver is a better hero with his friends. They provide him with physical back-up, emotional strength, clear thinking when he's not seeing things straight, and a moral center. The more of them not being around to help him on the job, the more vulnerable he is. They are his family - and knowing Oliver Queen, when his family is in danger he will do anything and everything possible to get them back.

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Arrow continues on The CW with 'Missing' on Wednesday May 17 at 8 pm.

Source: The CW

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