Arrow Extended Midseason Premiere Trailer Promises Plenty of Action

A new extended trailer has been released for the midseason return of Arrow. When Arrow had its midseason finale, things were looking grim for the Emerald Archer. After giving up his role as vigilante in order to fulfill his promise to his son William, Oliver was forced to put the hood back on when he learned of Dig's damaged hand. He was also arrested by the FBI, learned that someone on his team betrayed him, and lost half the team due to his actions in figuring out who the traitor was. Not to mention that Cayden James had put together a rather impressive team of his own.

And it does not look like things are going to get easier for Ollie any time soon. His team remains fractured - as much due to his own actions as to Rene's betrayal. And with Diggle unable to assist him in the field, Oliver will be facing James and his army without any backup. Balancing being the Green Arrow without backup while proving that he is not the Green Arrow at trial, being a husband and father, and still acting as Mayor of Star City makes Oliver's plate more full than it has ever been.


And according to a new extended trailer released by The CW, things are definitely going to get much harder for Ollie before they ease up. The beginning of the trailer focuses on the next step of James' plan - taking over the entire infrastructure of Star City. In doing so, he forces Oliver to deal with him both as Mayor and as the Green Arrow. It's clear that this move by James will devastate the city Oliver loves so much. From there the trailer also focuses on the former members of Team Arrow, who may have given up on Oliver but not on protecting the city. Clearly there is still a lot of hurt among Curtis, Dinah, and Rene, and Oliver is still firm about not fighting alongside anyone he doesn't think he can trust.

The trailer also shows that a few secrets will be revealed soon. Judging by the fact that the Green Arrow seems to face Anatoly and Vigilante in the same fight, James' gathering of villains should soon be known to Oliver. And it appears that based on a few scenes involving William, including one where he and a school bus of his classmates are in danger, he should know soon that his father has been lying to him about retiring from the hero business.

While things are looking dark once more in Star City, there are also things to look forward to, including the return of Roy Harper. And while things may not be happy or simple for Oliver at the moment, this newest trailer does promise that there will be plenty of Arrow's signature action in the second half of season 6.


Arrow returns to The CW with ‘Divided’ on Thursday January 18 at 9 pm.

Source: The CW

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