Arrow: Oliver Battles Prometheus in Midseason Premiere Photos

Arrow Oliver Queen Prometheus Season 5

Over four and a half seasons,The CW's Arrow has grown from a serialized version of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy to the launching pad for a whole host of other superheroes. Along the way, it's carved out its own niche as part of DC's television universe. As the stars and writers have become more comfortable, the show has reached some dazzling heights in terms of characterization and emotional storytelling. It's also packed in a whole bunch of brutal fight scenes, while also fleshing out a heap of heroes and villains from the pages of DC Comics.

After a rocky past couple of seasons, the fifth year of the show has seen the hit series get back to basics, both in Star City and the flashbacks. Oliver Queen has struggled with a new job, helped groom a new team of vigilantes, and faced a sinister new threat. That villain, the mysterious Prometheus, at first appeared to be just another evil archer (one who confusingly looks like new hero Ragman as well). Over the first part of the season, however, we learned that he had deep knowledge of Oliver's past and a complex web of plans to torture our hero. The shocking midseason finale brought this together in thrilling and horrifying fashion, when Oliver finally confronted the masked man, only to learn he was still in his trap.

Thanks to Heroic Hollywood, we now know that when the show returns in a few weeks, Green Arrow will once again face off against his new adversary. This time, however, he won't be alone.

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All of the images look to be from the same scene (or at least the same locale), and the first two seem to show Oliver actually turning his back on Prometheus and walking away. Not a good idea, but perhaps Oliver's just tired of playing the villain's games. More intriguing is that fact that both Felicity and Mister Terrific are along for the ride. Curtis may be part of Green Arrow's new team, but he's hardly been helpful in a fight so far. He also seems to be doing the world's worst job at spying with some sort of listening device - though perhaps it's a sonic weapon.

As for Felicity, it certainly makes sense that she'd want to confront Prometheus. After all, it was his machinations that led to Oliver unwittingly killing her boyfriend in the midseason finale. The moment served as one of the most heartbreaking scenes the show has created, less because of the character who died, but more for what it means for Oliver and Felicity. As talented as Felicity is, though, she's still more of a hindrance in a fight, so we can only guess as to why she's tagging along with Green Arrow.

We'll just have to wait until Arrow returns to find out what exactly is going on with everyone.

Arrow returns with ‘Who Are You?’ on January 25th @ 8 p.m. EST on The CW

Source: Heroic Hollywood

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