'Arrow' Mid-Season 3 Finale: Oliver Queen's Fate Explained

Matt Nable and Stephen Amell in Arrow Season 3 Episode 9

[This is a discussion of Arrow Season 3, Episode 9 – There Will Be SPOILERS!!]


Well you can't say that the showrunners of Arrow are afraid to leave their audiences stunned, confused, and possibly even infuriated. After the mid-season finale of The Flash left fans wondering what would happen next for The CW's other resident DC Comics superhero, the series that started it all took things to a new level - leaving viewers wondering if their eyes had deceived them, and if what appeared to take place really did.

Those who have yet to see the episode should know that serious SPOILERS are on the way, not just for the events of the finale, but for the possible explanation of how the series will continue on from this point (an explanation hinted at in this very episode).

The events that led Oliver to Nanda Parbat and into combat with Ra's al Ghul (Matt Nable) were outlined simply enough in "The Climb": defeat Ra's in the fight, and remove the death sentence hanging over Thea - as well as Malcolm Merlyn. Unfortunately, the battle didn't go quite as Oliver expected it to...






The Death

You'll notice we don't refer to the episode's stunning conclusion as the "death" of Oliver Queen, since the injury inflicted by Ra's al Ghul is... serious, to say the least. True, it clearly misses Oliver's heart, and the previous wound is the kind Ollie tends to shrug off back home in Starling. But this is Ra's al Ghul we're talking about: if he wanted to kill Oliver Queen - which he did - then he's not the kind of man who fails to strike a killing blow.

If the writers attempt to claim that Ollie survived, then we'll take exception (on the grounds that Ra's is skilled at ending lives coupled with Ollie's impressive fall onto boulders below). But as of now, it is safe to assume (for all intents and purposes), that Ollie truly was killed.

Arrow Season 3 Oliver Death Ras al Ghul

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