Arrow's Manu Bennett Wishes Joe Manganiello's Deathstroke the Best

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TV Deathstroke wishes all the best for movie Deathstroke as Manu Bennett expresses his support for Joe Manganiello, who is tapped to play the DC supervillain on the big screen. Debuting during the earlier seasons of Arrow, Bennett continues to be an integral part of Oliver Queen's story even after the horrible history between them. Following their odd team up towards the end of season 5, Bennett even went back for more with a Slade Wilson-centric subplot.

However, despite the  Kiwi/Australian actor's brilliant performance on the show, the privilege (and responsibility) to bring Deathstroke to life on the big screen currently rests on the shoulders of Manganiello. It's been a while since news broke out that the True Blood alum would be playing the Batman foe in DC Films' projects. For a time, people weren't even sure if his casting was still a go due to the lack of updates about it. Justice League, however, scrapped all doubts about his future in the franchise, setting him up big time during the ensemble flick's post-credits tag.


Appearing at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest as part of an Arrow panel, Bennett commented on Manganiello's current superhero gig, and how he feels about another actor taking over Deathstroke's journey within the DCEU:

“To be honest, when he was announced to do this role, I was very very happy for him. Of course, I was a little bit disappointed that I wouldn’t get to do such a wonderful opportunity of getting onto that big screen with Deathstroke. But listen, I have had the wonderful opportunity to be a TV actor, and to spend the time it takes to cook a character. And sometimes, I don’t think you get that chance when you’re on the big screen. But as for Joe’s ability to get up there and do this character, I’m behind him, I hope, as much as everybody else is behind him.”

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Many fans are still bummed that DC Films and DCTV have been established to be separate entities with different iterations of characters. Especially when many of the small screen iterations have had time to become established with fans prior to the debut of their big screen counterparts. Having said that, it might actually be more practical for Warner Bros. to go this route in the long run, as stories get more and more complicated and a lot harder to intertwine with each other. Marvel, as an example, maintains that their movies and series all exist in the same universe but has yet to really establish any significant connection between the two other than small references, and of course, the existence of Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg).

It's currently unknown where Bennett's iteration of the character will go in the Arrowverse, but just like in the past, he will likely re-emerge once again, either to fight alongside or against Team Arrow. As for Manganiello, on top of a Deathstroke movie reportedly in the works, rumor has it that DC Films is setting up a Legion of Doom film, which explains why Wilson is suddenly hanging out with Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor.


Arrow season 6 airs Thursdays on The CW.

Source: Heroes & Villains Fan Fest

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