Arrowverse Concept Art Reveals Designs For Citizen Steel & Vigilante

Citizen Steel from Legends of Tomorrow and Vigilante from Arrow Costumes in the Arrowverse

What started with the premiere of Arrow has blossomed into a shared DC TV Universe on The CW that now includes Legends of TomorrowSupergirl, and The Flash. Characters from across DC Comics have been thrown into the mix on the various shows, as the producers seem to have fewer and fewer restrictions on who they can use.

One of the latest additions to the cast of Arrow is the gun-toting Vigilante. While his name isn't all that fresh, he poses quite a threat to Oliver and his new recruits. The identity of the new costumed crime-fighter remains unknown for now, it's likely to be revealed soon. Meanwhile, the new season of Legends of Tomorrow not only introduced a version of the Justice Society of America, but one of the members' grandsons in the form of Nate Heywood, who has since become the metal-skinned Citizen Steel. Thanks to Ray Palmer, he's also got a comics-approriate suit, which debuted in all its star-spangled glory during the final part of the recent 'Invasion!' crossover.

Fresh off the characters' turns in the alien-fighting epic (Vigilante had a brief cameo before Barry once again swooped in to save Oliver and co. and kickoff the crossover), concept artist Andy Poon has posted his designs for both characters on his Instagram.

Concept illustration of Vigilante for Arrow season 5, costume design by Maya Mani, built by @harrisondarkarts costume and props department. @cw_arrow #vigilante #starcity #concept #costume #design #illustration

A photo posted by Andy Poon (@andypoondesign) on

I give you - Citizen Steel. The epic 4 part crossover was awesome! Concept illustration for Legends of Tomorrow, costume design by Maya Mani. @cw_legendsoftomorrow @nickzano @dccomics #citizensteel

A photo posted by Andy Poon (@andypoondesign) on


Illustrated by Poon and created by costume designer Maya Mani, both suits represent a rarity in TV and movie concept art as they look fairly identical to the final versions. All of the colors and details seem to be intact from Poon's vision to the versions of Citizen Steel and Vigilante that have graced TV screens. A few weeks back, fans saw his mock-ups for Black Siren, Kid Flash, and the Rival, and they were also close to the final designs. If you're not following him already, we'd recommend you do so as he seems to be the go-to artist for much of DC and Marvel TV.

Tune in to all four shows this week to see how the invasion has affected Oliver (and how he'll cope with Vigilante) and what Steel and the other Legends will be getting into before they head off to Camelot 3000 next year.

The CW’s Arrowverse airs at 8 pm EST with Supergirl on MondaysThe Flash on Tuesdays, Arrow on Wednesdays, and Legends of Tomorrow on Thursdays.

Source: Andy Poon

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