Arrow: Connor Hawke Actor Promoted to Series Regular for Season 8

Joseph David-Jones, the actor who portrays Connor Hawke in the Arrowverse, is being promoted as a series regular for Arrow season 8.

Connor Hawke Legends of Tomorrow

Joseph David-Jones has been promoted as a series regular for season 8 of Arrow. The Connor Hawke actor had an ongoing role throughout the seventh season of the show.

Connor Hawke's appearance in the Arrowverse actually did not begin in Arrow. Way back in the first season of Legends of Tomorrow, the show featured a memorable episode titled, "Star City 2046." In this future, Star City was taken over by the son of Slade Wilson. Oliver Queen seemingly vanished. Another Green Arrow rose to the challenge: John Diggle's son, who took the name "Connor Hawke." This was Joseph David-Jones's first outing in the Arrowverse. The actor returned in Arrow's seventh season. Throughout this season, there were ongoing flash-forwards. In this future, Connor Hawke is the adopted son of Diggle, and works alongside Mia Smoak, the daughter of Oliver and Felicity.

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It appears Connor Hawke will be featured a lot on the final season of Arrow. As reported by Deadline, Joseph David-Jones has been promoted as a series regular for the 10-episode season. Presumably, this indicates that the flash forwards with Mia Smoak will return, but story details have not been unveiled yet. With Crisis on Infinite Earths getting all the pre-hype promotion, it isn't likely we'll hear much information about the final season for sometime.

Arrow Mia Smoak, Felicity Smoak and Connor Hawke

In addition to his recurring role on Arrow, Joseph David-Jones also appeared in the musical drama Nashville, which concluded last year. In cinemas, viewers may recognize the actor for his roles in The Divergent Series: Allegiant and Detroit. He also appeared alongside Denzel Washington in Roman J. Israel, Esq.

Many fans were shocked that Arrow would be concluding with its eighth season. The show was the cornerstone of the Arrowverse, opening the door to a number of other successful characters. Without Arrow, we would have never gotten The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, or the upcoming Batwoman. The final season of Arrow is a landmark. Interestingly, it appears Felicity Smoak is not returning for season 8. Also, based on the seventh season's last episode, Oliver Queen may die saving the multiverse in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Fans were however intrigued when Stephen Amell said he would be open to playing Oliver Queen again after the conclusion of Arrow. Time will tell if Oliver meets his demise. If he does end up giving his live to save all of reality, one can't think of a better way for a longtime hero to go out.

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Source: Deadline

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