• There's a fan theory that John Diggle on Arrow would someday become a Green Lantern. 1 / 9

    Arrow John Diggle Digg in ARGUS Uniform Season 7 vertical
  • Arrow has dropped hints at this before, but never so blatantly as in "Spartan." 2 / 9

  • The first nod came in Elseworlds, where The Flash of Earth-90 recognized Diggle. 3 / 9

    The Flash John Wesley Shipp Barry Allen 1990 Earth 90 vertical
  • The Earth-90 Flash said John wasn't wearing his ring - a clear nod to Green Lantern. 4 / 9

    Arrow John Diggle Digg With a Green Lantern Ring vertical
  • "Spartan" saw Team Arrow thwarting a Ninth Circle plot to steal military secrets. 5 / 9

  • Diggle said he had a contact who might be able to help them out. 6 / 9

    Arrow John Diggle Digg in Spartan armor vertical
  • The contact was later identified as Diggle's estranged stepfather - General Roy Stewart. 7 / 9

    Arrow John Diggle General Roy Stewart vertical
  • This means there's some Earth where John Diggle is John Stewart and a Green Lantern. 8 / 9

    Arrow John Diggle Digg As Green Lantern vertical
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