Arrow ‘Invasion!’ Promo Teases Continued Crossover Action

Arrow Invasion Poster

[WARNING  This post contains SPOILERS for The Flash season 3, episode 8.]

The CW was able to make the move earlier this year to bring SupergirlThe FlashArrow, and Legends of Tomorrow under one roof. With each show pushing through their respective seasons, right before the mid-season finales, the four series are joining forces for the biggest TV crossover possible. The events briefly started on Monday with Supergirl, but tonight's episode of Flash was the real kickoff. With all of the DC heroes together on one Earth, the Dominators have arrived and posed a threat that required the help of every available hand.

While Flash and Green Arrow were able to hold off their mind-controlled friends, the final few seconds showed quite a few heroes getting abducted by the Dominators. One of those heroes now in captivity is none other than Oliver Queen, but his whereabouts have now been shown in the preview for tomorrow's Arrow episode that continues these storylines.

Television Promos released the promo for what marks the 100th episode in Arrow's history. With Oliver and his fellow heroes captured by the Dominators, they have been placed in pods allowing them to live out an alternate reality. This is what allows for the return of many former Arrow regulars such as Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy), Moira Queen (Susanna Thompson), Robert Queen (Jamey Sheridan), and Deathstroke (Manu Bennett).

Arrow Crossover Posters

The next episode of Arrow is highly anticipated not only to see the return of so many characters, but also even more so after seeing how the events of Supergirl and Flash played out. Oliver's perceived reality that he is in will give the show a proper way to make the episode more of an event outside of the Invasion! storyline. After a few great seasons early on, giving the show a chance to bring back fan favorite characters in ways other than flashbacks should be welcomed by viewers. No matter what exactly plays out tomorrow, Stephen Amell says it will be a departure from the show's usual feel.

The promo appears to show that all of the captured heroes are living in the same alternate, perfect reality. How this plays into the larger story at hand will be shown tomorrow night, but this will be only one part of the story that is told. With nearly half of the super team missing, the rest of the heroes will have to figure out how they can go about saving them. Thankfully, they have more than enough people at hand, but how exactly that happens will have to stay a secret for one more day.

Invasion! continues tomorrow night @8pm on The CW with Arrow, followed by Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday, December 1st @8pm.

Source: Television Promos

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