'Arrow' Featurette: Huntress Returns; Brings Grammy-Nominated Steve Aoki

Arrow Huntress and Oliver Aiming

Fans of The CW's Arrow were left wanting more by Huntress' (Jessica De Gouw) brief stint as a love interest, challenge, and potential opponent to Oliver Queen's crime-fighting persona. In this week's episode, Oliver (Stephen Amell) and his best friend Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell) finally get around to opening up the nightclub erected as a cover for the vigilante's secret hideout.

Celebrations tend to attract all kinds of attention in Starling City, and Ollie's big night is ruined by the return of Helena Bertinelli (De Gouw), who is apparently determined to push our hero to his limits. The evening won't be a total bust at the as-yet-unnamed nightclub (fingers crossed for 'Quiver') as Grammy-nominated electro-house artist and producer Steve Aoki will be on hand to spin.

Arrow Huntress and Oliver Aiming

Besides bringing back one of the more popular cameos featured on the show thus far, Oliver's decision to bring his best friend Tommy in on his secret identity will apparently start backfiring immediately. The footage shows Helena putting Tommy, not Oliver in harm's way to get what she's after, so it looks like his loyalty (and ability to keep a secret) will be put to the test sooner rather than later.

As Jessica De Gouw claims in the featurette, her return to Starling City won't be in the interest of rekindling a romance or apologizing, but a mission more in keeping with her Huntress persona. That will no doubt interfere with the nightclub's opening, but additional footage from Arrow's cast while attending PaleyFest 2013 shows that Huntress' mission may have to do with several members of Oliver's life:

We never doubted that Huntress was committed to her mission, but it will be interesting to see exactly why she's returned to Starling, and whether her targets are Oliver's loved ones, or just the ones caught up in the massive conspiracy brewing. Could Helena finally make Oliver see that his mother isn't who she claims to be, or offer him yet another excuse to keep kidding himself? Only time will tell.

As an added bonus, the glimpse of Colton Haynes as Roy Harper (a.k.a. Red Arrow/Arsenal) helps give an idea of how he might slide into crime-fighting himself (hint: parkour). Producer Marc Guggenheim promised that fans would get a "glimmer" of where Roy's potential lies, so maybe hand-to-hand combat or archery won't be his strong suits. However he fits in, the producers have a second season to start planning, so who knows what cameos and payoffs are still months away.

Which of the story lines teased do you hold out hope for? The Oliver/Huntress romance, Tommy's knowledge of Oliver's secret, or the new mysteries surrounding the death of Laurel's sister? Sound off in the comments.


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Arrow returns this Wednesday with ‘The Huntress Returns’ @8pm on The CW. Watch the preview now:

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