Arrow 'Honor Thy Fathers' Trailer: Oliver Can't Escape His Past

In the trailer for the next episode of Arrow, 'Honor Thy Fathers', Oliver comes face to face with the past he can't escape.

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen the Green Arrow on the CW's Arrow

The CW releases the trailer for upcoming Arrow episode, 'Honor Thy Fathers'. There are only three episodes left in the current season of Arrow and things are moving forward quickly. A lot has changed for Ollie this season. Between training his new team, his tenure as Star City's mayor, and all the new villains that have shown up - including Prometheus and Vigilante - Ollie is hardly recognizable as the same man who came home after five years in the pilot episode. But even though he has become a very different person than he was five years ago, Oliver Queen can never quite escape his past.

Ollie's past has always been a huge element on Arrow. After all, nearly every episode has included flashbacks to an event which had an impact on his life. His past relationships with his family and friends have remained a huge influence on the decisions he makes - such as when he stopped killing to honor Tommy. Whatever happens in Ollie's life, some element from his past seems to play a part. After five years back home, he's never been able to escape from the people he encountered and the things he did after he was shipwrecked.

The CW has released the trailer for the next episode of Arrow which is titled 'Honor Thy Fathers' and once again, Ollie's past has come back to haunt him.

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At the beginning of the trailer, Oliver explains that whenever he moves forward, "the past is pulling me back," right before a long dead body is revealed to have been delivered to the Mayor's office. Another face from Ollie's past shows up, drug dealer Derek Sampson. Wild Dog appears to fight Sampson and gets himself into a bit of trouble. Meanwhile, Ollie and Dig discuss how Sampson is probably working with Chase, who still cannot be found.

One element that seems to be missing from the trailer is any reference to the cliffhanger ending of previous episode 'Underneath'. In the last moments of the episode, Chase walked up to Ollie's son William - now going by Matthew - and starts a conversation. Whether Chase is threatening William in some way is not clear in the trailer. It might be something that was edited out. Or maybe Chase hasn't done anything to the child yet, he was just setting William up for a later plan.

The title is an interesting one, in regards to the relationship Ollie has with Adrian Chase - aka Prometheus. Chase blames Ollie for killing his father back when Ollie was The Hood instead of The Green Arrow. The Hood often killed the bad guys causing pain and damage to his city, and Chase's father was one of them. The reason Ollie did this was because of a list given to him by his own father, a list of names who Ollie tried to take down one by one. In honoring his own father, Ollie killed Chase's father. Now Chase is out for revenge, trying to honor his dad by going after Ollie. And of course, with Ollie's son in Chase's crosshairs, there might be a reference of some kind to Ollie being a father as well.

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Arrow continues next Wednesday with ‘Honor Thy Fathers’ @8pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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