Could Green Lantern Appear on CW's 'Arrow'?

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[This article contains POSSIBLE SPOILERS for the season finale of Arrow. Read on at your own risk.]


Name-dropping of various DC Comics characters has been a recurring theme during the first season of Arrow – Ted Kord (a.k.a. Blue Beetle) was mentioned in last week's 'The Undertaking' – but now it seems series co-creator Marc Guggenheim intends to plant an interesting connection between Oliver Queen's world and the Green Lantern film from 2011.

Since Guggenheim, along with co-creator Greg Berlanti, have asserted time and again that the world of Arrow is grounded more in reality (i.e., there's a distinct lack of beings wielding magnificent superpowered rings) the connection won't be something as overt as a Green Lantern suddenly popping up in Starling City, but rather a nod to Ferris Aircraft – the company whose planes Hal Jordan likes to crash on occasion.

According to TV Guide, the series will point to Ferris Air via the island flashbacks, as that storyline climaxes with Edward Fyres (Sebastian Dunn) attempting to shoot an airliner out of the sky with the anti-aircraft missile system Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) attempted to scuttle not long ago.

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Carol Ferris and Hal Jordan in the 2011 'Green Lantern' movie.

"If all goes according to plan, when you see the Ferris Air logo later in the season, it will be the same logo that we established in the movie. I like tips of the hat," Guggenheim said.

Tipping the hat is one thing – as mentioned above, it's something the Arrow writers love doing – but making a direct connection like that seems to have the collective Internet's imagination in an uproar, creating speculation that there might someday be an appearance by another costumed hero with a penchant for the color green.

Although Guggenheim is quick to point out that the Arrow version of Green Arrow and the film version of Green Lantern don't exist in the same universe, he wouldn't rule out the possibility of Hal Jordan or even Carol Ferris making an appearance at one point: "I would never say never," Guggenheim says. "It's certainly something that we've talked about.

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While the series has made use of several DC villains who enjoy varying degrees of comic book prominence - like Deathstroke, Firefly, Count Vertigo and the Dodger - it has been a bit stingier when it comes to costumed heroes joining in Oliver's quest for justice  - the Huntress (Jessica De Gouw) and suggestions of Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) being notable exceptions, of course. But for Guggenheim, a (ring-less?) Hal Jordan crossing paths with Oliver Queen is something he might be interested in exploring.

Guggenheim explains:

"As with all DC characters, we have to figure out a way for those characters to fit within our Arrow universe, but when you consider the importance that Hal Jordan plays in the Green Arrow comics, it's certainly one of those names that we've discussed a great deal. I have Ryan Reynolds' phone number around here somewhere."

Considering Reynold's recent comments in regard to his role as Hal Jordan, the actor may not be in any hurry to answer that call. But what other characters could Guggenheim and Berlanti have discussed? Fans seem to be clamoring for a Nightwing appearance, so perhaps in addition to Ferris Aircraft, Arrow can find a way to bring Haley's Circus to Starling City.


Arrow airs Wednesdays @8pm on The CW.

Source: TV Guide

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