The CW’s shared universe superhero shows Arrow and The Flash have set up a cozy cohabitation on the network, with characters from each series paying visits to one another even outside of full-on crossover episodes. The Wondercon trailer for The Flash‘s upcoming episodes teased a few more visits from Starling City residents to come, as the show moves towards the close of its first season and Arrow finishes up season three.

The marketing brains over at The CW recently played around with the overlapping nature of the two shows with a “Superhero Fight Club” promo for Arrow and the Flash, featuring a mix of heroes and villains from both shows battling it out in a cage fight at Palmer Industries, as part of Barry’s initiation into the world of superheroes. Oliver got in a little payback on Ra’s Al Ghul, Flash battled Reverse Flash, and Heat Wave developed a big ol’ crush on Firestorm.

The promo was great fun and it wouldn’t be surprising if the CW ended up putting out special clips like this regularly, since it’s an excellent way to promote both shows at the same time. To prolong the hype over “Superhero Fight Club” a little longer (and continue promoting the final episodes of both show’s seasons), two new posters based on the promo have now found their way online, featuring the nemeses of both shows’ heroes.

That’s Harrison Wells a.k.a. The Man in Yellow a.k.a. Reverse Flash a.k.a. Eobard Thawne striking a pose in the first image, and Malcolm Merlyn a.k.a. Dark Archer a.k.a. Al Sa-Her readying his weapon of choice in the second, with Flash, Black Canary and Arrow hanging out in the background.

Superhero Fight Club Reverse Flash poster New Arrow & Flash Posters Feature Reverse Flash & Dark Archer

Superhero Fight Club Dark Archer poster 731x1024 New Arrow & Flash Posters Feature Reverse Flash & Dark Archer

They might just be promotions for a promo, but these posters are still pretty cool and the idea of the Superhero Fight Club is definitely pleasing for fans who love the timeless “who would win in a a fight between…” discussions. As for what we can look forward to in the future of these shows, Barry Allen will continue to pursue the truth about Harrison Wells (with a little help from Detectives West and Lance), and Oliver Queen will face the decision of whether or not to take up Ra’s Al Ghul’s mantle in the wake of the shocking events of last week’s episode.

The Flash airs Tuesdays @8PM on The CW, followed by Arrow on Wednesdays @8PM.

Source: The CW (via CBM)

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