'Arrow' Casts 'Flash' Villain 'Captain Boomerang'

Arrow TV Show Captain Boomerang

The CW has made no secret of just how confident they are in assembling famed DC Comics characters on TV, but it's seeming more and more like Arrow fans - and Flash enthusiasts soon to join them - may be underestimating just how much the two shows will be overlapping their respective worlds. As one more piece of evidence, 'Captain Boomerang' - best known as one of the Scarlet Speedster's enemies - is the latest villain confirmed for Arrow Season 3, with Nick Tarabay (SpartacusBurn Notice) playing the part.

The announcement is an exclusive of EW, claiming that Tarabay will be portraying the villain beginning with Arrow's seventh episode, but set to play a recurring role - including the Flash crossover event coming with the eighth episode of both series. Tarabay (having recently played a Klingon in Star Trek Into Darkness) follows his Spartacus alum Manu Bennett (a.k.a. Deathstroke) in giving Oliver Queen some sleepless nights.

Arrow TV Captain Boomerang Actor Cast

While the criminal moniker used by George 'Digger' Harkness may be less than terrifying, Boomerang has long been a member of The Flash's Rogues Gallery, alongside villains like Captain Cold and Heat Wave. Even so, Harkness is being given a far more intimidating origin story thanks to Arrow's world of shadowy government agencies.

Harkness will apparently be introduced as a former ARGUS operative - despite his comic book version, it seems he won't be a member of Amanda Waller's 'Suicide Squad' - who is out for revenge. No explanation yet on why a military operative would choose boomerangs as his weapon of choice, but martial arts and gadgetry are all but guaranteed.

The die-hard "Flash" fans may be disappointed to hear that Digger Harkness' trademark costume, Australian accent, and possibly even his role in the Rogues will be modified to fit the Arrow/Flash universe being formed, but at this point, anything is possible. Captain Boomerang also isn't alone in being re-imagined, or co-opted by a fellow hero.

Captain Boomerang New 52 Comic

Combine Harkness' introduction with the increasing suspicion of seeing Firestorm villains populating The Flash, and The CW may be using any means necessary to get characters off the page and onto the screen. Just what endgame they're building towards is still a mystery, but the network and showrunners know that they've got their fans' attention captivated this Fall.

Will you be tuning in to see how much of Captain Boomerang's character is faithfully adapted, and how much is re-imagined? Or is The CW's overall plan more interesting than the individual characters?

Arrow Season 3 premieres October 8th, 2014 @8pm on The CW.

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Source: EW

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