Arrow & The Flash Extended Trailers Tease Cupid's Return & Trajectory

[SPOILERS for those not caught up on Arrow and The Flash ahead.]


After setting up Legends of Tomorrow, the third show in The CW's DC Comics shared universe, both Arrow and The Flash picked up their separate storylines when they returned from the winter mid-season break. While the Legends travel through time, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) has been dealing with Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) and other - larger - forces working to take over Star City. Additionally, after opening the breach between Earth-1 and Earth-2, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) has met a new and formidable adversary in Zoom.

Most recently, Oliver took on Darhk with the help of the animated hero Vixen (Megalyn Echikunwoke), and Barry faced off against King Shark for a second time. Now, with Arrow and The Flash taking a few weeks off, extended trailers for their returns in late March tease a returning villain in Star City and a new speedster in Central City.

The CW released the trailers for The Flash episode 'Trajectory' (above), and Arrow's 'Broken Hearts' (below). The Flash teaser introduces new speedster Eliza Harmon a.k.a. Trajectory (Allison Paige) who arrives in Central City and starts giving Barry's Flash a bad name by using her powers for petty thievery. Additionally, the trailer teases that the "new speedster will have everyone distracted" - particularly Cisco (Carlos Valdes).

The Arrow trailer, on the other hand, is somewhat more somber, with Oliver reflecting on his breakup with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) when Cupid (Amy Gumenick) returns to town. Additionally, HIVE is moving forward with Genesis despite Dahrk's fall from power since, as the trailer says, "All is fair in love and war."

Given the amount of time Arrow and The Flash dedicated to setting up Legends of Tomorrow - between resurrecting certain characters from the dead, or breaking others out of prison - both shows arguably suffered in the first parts of their fourth and second seasons, respectively. However, since coming back from the mid-season break, Arrow saw the return of Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) and delved into Felicity's relationship with her father. Meanwhile The Flash traveled to Earth-2 in a two-part storyline and finally revealed the identity of Zoom.

Although viewers may be put off by another - albeit shorter - break, it seems both Arrow and The Flash have exciting episodes planned for when they return. Additionally, in terms of The Flash, the show may be setting up the crossover with Supergirl, which is set to air the week following the show's return from this break. At least, if The Flash intends to set up the crossover in any way, perhaps with Barry attempting to open another breach to Earth-2, 'Trajectory' will be the time to do it.

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The Flash returns with 'Trajectory' on March 22nd @8pm on The CW. Arrow returns with 'Broken Hearts on March 23rd @8pm on The CW. Legends of Tomorrow continues with 'Star City 2046' on February 25th @8pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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