Arrowverse Crossover Event Video Offers First Look at The Dominators

Get your first look at The Dominators, the alien threat that will bring all of The CW's DC TV series together in a four-episode crossover.

Invasion Crossover Arrow Flash Supergirl Legends of Tomorrow

There was a time when crossover events on TV meant that Magnum P.I. would show up on Simon & Simon and vice versa, or that Adam West and Burt Ward's Batman and Robin would somehow cross paths with the Green Hornet and Kato or those meddling kids from Scooby Doo (or, you know, when Barry Allen ran so fast he met Kara Danvers). While those crossovers served their purpose well, the concept didn't necessarily aim to tell a larger story so much as serve the interests of the networks – i.e., they were an offering made to the ratings gods. And while the upcoming four-episode crossover event The CW has planned for its DC TV series Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow is also very clearly an attempt by the network to hit a ratings milestone, the comic-bookiness of it all helps mitigate concerns of it being just a glitzy stunt.

Titled, 'Invasion!' the Arrowverse crossover is made possible by The CW's expansion of its superhero shows under producer Greg Berlanti, and the recent move in the off-season that brought Supergirl to the network from CBS. It's also a great way for the network to demonstrate its synergism, as the various series work together to create one massive, coherent storyline. And as the title suggests, the element bringing the interaction between shows to life is an alien invasion from the DC Universe characters known as the Dominators.

An official promo for the crossover appeared online not too long ago, and it highlighted the first meeting between Supergirl and the rest of heroes from Barry's dimension. The video teased plenty of fun interactions between the various superheroes – especially a prickly encounter between Kara and Oliver Queen, who prefers to the interdimensional Supergirl refer to him as Green Arrow. While that promo wisely chose to emphasize the fact that all the heroes across the network would be coming together and interacting with one another on a grand scale, it didn't leave room for the villains to make an appearance. Thankfully, The CW has rectified that with a new promo that offers fans their first looks at the Dominators – and one familiar guest star.

Invasion Crossover Arrow Flash Supergirl Legends of Tomorrow

As much as the initial promo played up the team's interactions and attempts at camaraderie, this new promo is all about the intergalactic antagonists and the potential problems presented beyond causing Barry to yell out, "Aliens!" With the conflict being sketched out a little more, it makes sense for the promo to feature more action. To this end, it looks like Kara and Barry continue their super-powered partnership by taking down an adversary tag-team style. And although, the circumstances of an earlier image showing The Flash and Green Arrow hiding from what looks to be Diggle aren't given much in the way of clarification, they do get a boost from hearing Oliver reprimand his speedy friend for the situation he's gotten them into.

While it's great to finally get a look at the Dominators, the promo also confirms that Deathstroke will make an appearance – along with certain members of the Queen family, who don't make an appearance here – as the Arrow portion of the event will also mark that show's 100th episode. Needless to say, when the third part of the crossover rolls around, there will be far more to look forward to than Oliver Queen and Team Arrow joining their fellow heroes in taking on an intergalactic menace.


The 'Invasion!' crossover event begins Monday, November 28 with Supergirl @8pm on The CW, and continues with The Flash at the same time on Tuesday, Arrow on Wednesday, and Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday.

Source: The CW

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