DCTV's Invasion! Opening Titles Released Online

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Anticipation for The CW's Invasion! crossover event has been building for months now, and now fans can finally experience the three-hour special. Invasion! kicked off at the tail end of Supergirl on Monday, then the event really began with last night's episode of The Flash. Now, the special is heading into its second act with tonight's Arrow (its 100th episode!) before it concludes on Thursday's Legends of Tomorrow.

Even though Invasion! is well under way, The CW still hasn't let up on marketing for the event. The network is dropping Easter eggs, behind the scenes footage, and promotional images and videos left and right. It has also now officially revealed the new Invasionopening titles online.

The official Twitter for The Flash released a GIF version of the crossover titles online, combining the logos for all four of The CW's DC TV shows. Check out the tweet, below:

RT if you’re excited for the crossovers! #DCWeek

— The Flash (@CW_TheFlash) November 30, 2016

The title sequence is simple, yet DCTV fans are undoubtedly excited to see all their logos combined. The whole thing starts off with the Supergirl logo, which is then struck with Green Arrow's signature arrowhead. Then, an L from the Legends of Tomorrow piles onto the whole thing, before The Flash logo finishes everything off. It's fun to see opening titles that are exclusive to the crossover event, since they combine the excitement and familiarity of watching each individual show into one amped up collaboration.

So far, Invasion! has been just as entertaining and wonderful as fans expected, and the super team-up that began on last night's installment of The Flash has us eager to see how things develop. Some fans are apprehensive that the Arrow installment of Invasion! will interrupt the excitement around Arrow's 100th episode, and some are ecstatic that the two events will coincide. Either way, we'll see if tonight's addition to the first DCEU show fulfills or even exceeds our expectations.

Tonight's installment in the crossover event will see how our heroes continue to fare in the face of evil alien race The Dominators -- it's just a matter of whether or not this particular episode will focus on Team Arrow, or continue to pay attention to the larger group. Though we think Arrow absolutely deserves some fanfare tonight, we have faith that whatever The CW presents tonight will be a satisfying continuation of this already compelling team-up.

Invasion! continues tonight with Arrow at 8 p.m. EST and concludes tomorrow with Legends of Tomorrow at the same time.

Source: The CW [via Twitter]

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