The CW's Arrowverse Gets the LEGO Treatment

LEGO Arrow Flash and Supergirl

When it comes to potential blockbusters, corporate synergy is the name of the game. Both Marvel and DC Comics have their own sprawling movie universes, and have proven adept at making each individual theatrical installment serve as an advertisement for the studio's next live-action superhero endeavor. But while Marvel has a TV universe poised to interact with and be influenced by the events of their big-screen siblings, DC's television undertakings largely exist within a separate universe – one that fans have dubbed the Arrowverse.

That separation makes more sense when you look at Warners' ongoing partnership with LEGO, which has so far produced a highly successful film in The LEGO Movie and its potentially successful spinoff The LEGO Batman Movie – which wouldn't necessarily seem ripe for potential cross promotion with the rest of the live-action DC Universe. And while the tongue-in-cheek animated film may leave precious few opportunities for interconnected stories between either the film and TV units, don't count Warner Bros.' marketing team out just yet.

As it turns out, Warners has found a way to incorporate the LEGO brand into its television offerings, starting with The CW's slate of superhero shows, like Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl. The studio presented several LEGO-ized versions of the Warner Bros. Studio billboards, starting with Oliver Queen sharing the spotlight with his pal Barry Allen. Meanwhile, they also presented LEGO recreations of the billboards for Supergirl and Gotham. The only superhero show not represented is Legends of Tomorrow. Check out a full gallery below:

[vn_gallery name="LEGO Arrowverse Posters" id="896461"]

In an attempt to appeal to the widest possible demographic, Warners also included billboards for several of its successful CBS sitcoms, like The Big Bang Theory, Mom, and 2 Broke Girls. Perhaps the unlikeliest recipient of the LEGO treatment came in the form of Ellen DeGeneres' eponymous syndicated daytime talk show. All in all, it makes for a fun line-up to help promote The LEGO Batman Movie. Warner Bros. even went so far as to make the (temporary) replacement of the studio's billboards an event unto itself, inviting the press (including CBR) to attend in Burbank, along with some life-sized versions of the LEGO Batman's cast.

LEGO Batman has been under a marketing blitz for the past several months, with everything from trailers to extended TV spots to clips wishing fans a Happy New Year. So with the film's release just days away, this latest attention-grabbing maneuver may be more beneficial for the other shows involved than the movie itself, giving corporate synergy another mark in the win column.

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