Arrowverse Crossover Video: Supergirl Meets Her Fellow DCTV Heroes

Arrow, Flash, Supergirl & Legends Crossover

In 2014, Arrow actor Stephen Amell teased that his show was only the beginning of what Warner Bros had planned for a version of the "Justice League on TV."  At the time it seemed like wishful thinking, with The CW network just securing their first superhero hit and the genre still largely unproven on television. The second season saw the introduction of Barry Allen and The Flash, followed later by Legends of Tomorrow - broadening the canvas for all the DC comic book-based stories that could be told on network TV.

For its second season, Supergirl made the leap from its original home at CBS, to the comic book-friendly lineup on The CW Network. The show has enjoyed solid ratings at its new home, with many applauding the improvements to the show's scope and tone in its second season. On top of that: similar to how Barry Allen traveled to Kara's corner of the DCTV multi-verse in Supergirl season 1, the Girl of Steel is now headed to Barry, Oliver Queen and the rest of The CW's DC superhero gang's home universe this season.

EW has released a new clip from the upcoming four-episode DCTV crossover event coming to The CW at the end of the month. In the footage, we see that Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) has transported Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and Flash (Grant Gustin) back from her world to Earth-1. Waiting on their arrival is an epic collection of superheroes led by Arrow (Stephen Amell) who asks, "Barry, I thought you were bringing an alien." He's humorously misled by Kara Danver's human exterior - before Kara goes on to show her fellow DCTV superheroes that she's truly the alpha of the group.

The upcoming week-long crossover event will be centered around an alien invasion by the Dominators. It will begin on November 28th's episode of Supergirl and the events will carry out across all four shows throughout that week. While the specifics of the Dominator's Earthbound conquest are unclear, they are known for mind-control, which could lend itself to some exciting battles both internally and externally with the newly-formed super friends.

It was also revealed that the coalition of heroes are seen gathering at S.T.A.R. Labs' aeronautic facility in the clip. If the set somehow feels familiar, it is no coincidence. As the architecture and framing is intended to tickle the feels of DC Comics' fans, as an allusion to the Hall of Justice. The location serves as yet another reminder of how far the Arrowverse has come in just a few short years - and where it will go in a matter of days.

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The DC TV crossover kicks off with Supergirl ‘Medusa’ Monday November 28 at 8pm on The CW, continuing with The Flash ‘Invasion!’ in the same timeslot on Tuesday November 29, Arrow ‘Invasion!’ on Wednesday November 30, and concludes with Legends of Tomorrow ‘Invasion!’ on Thursday December 1.

Source: EW

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