Arrowverse Crossover Cover; Producer on Making 'Fun & Enjoyable' DC TV Shows

Arrow, Flash, Supergirl & Legends Crossover

The CW's superhero universe has grown in amazing ways since Oliver Queen returned to Star City in 2012 on Arrow. In The Flash, a man gained the ability to run so fast that he can travel through time. Another Kryptonian alien crash landed on Earth in Supergirl. While a bunch of misfit supporting characters went on to become Legends of Tomorrow

The development of this superhero universe has been an historic undertaking and the ambitious approach only looks to increase in the near future. The big event of the first half of the season will be an epic crossover between all four shows, which will begin with the November 28 episode of Supergirl. It has already been revealed that the world-ending threat that will unite the various heroes will be the Dominators. The story will be a loose adaptation of the "Invasion!" storyline from the late 1980s, written by Keith Giffen and Bill Mantlo, and featured art by Spawn creator Todd MacFarlane. However, the creatures will be getting the live-action treatment for the first time during The CW's anticipated week of crossovers.

In an upcoming cover story for EW, the architect of the DC TV Universe, Greg Berlanti (Blindspot), spoke about the upcoming event. He managed to share what he thinks is the key to the success of all of the network's comic book shows, as well as the upcoming crossover event:

“These shows have to work on multiple levels. You want them to be fun and enjoyable. But if they’re not about something, why are you showing up to work every day and asking everybody to pour their heart and soul into a story if it’s only about the Flash fighting a villain of the week?”

EW Arrowverse Cover

Particularly, in the case of Supergirl this season, there has been an increase of social commentary and layered subtext. Kryptonians on Earth are being positioned as immigrants who are in a struggle for equal rights. While the president, played by Lynda Carter, has her own secret agenda. Even last week on Legends of Tomorrow, the crew traveled back to the Civil War and didn't ignore the significance of having two black time travelers in the horrific period of American history.

In the article, it is also hinted at that the mind-controlling powers of the Dominators will be a part of the storyline. Which should presumably result in various fan-favorite superheroes battling it out. While we have already seen the Flash and Arrow duke it out on-screen, how much fun would it be to see the Flash against the Martian Manhunter? Diggle versus the Gladiator? Or even Winn versus Cisco. The possibilities are endless and should provide for an entertaining week of superhero action.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8pm on The CW, The Flash airs in the same timeslot on Tuesdays, Arrow on Wednesdays, and Legends of Tomorrow on Thursdays.

Source: EW

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