Arrow/Flash Spinoff Doesn't Have A Title Yet; Will Air During Next Midseason

Flash (Grant Gustin) and Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) in Costume

Fox's Gotham may be its own standalone world focusing on self-contained origin stories of iconic Batman characters, and NBC's Constantine may already be over, but that's not slowing down the construction of a DC Comics shared TV universe. In fact, it's already starting to explode.

On The CW, Arrow helped launch a new successful series based on The Flash, and potentially sharing the same world might be the upcoming CBS show Supergirl - which has already been picked up for a full season - and the upcoming TNT series, Titans. Andrew Kreisberg, executive producer on three of these series (and writer/showrunner on Arrow) isn't stopping there though. He's also helping develop an additional spinoff series for The CW's programming, utilizing existing characters from Arrow and Flash, but details on this new series remain largely a mystery.

Kreisberg, alongside producer Greg Berlanti, are helping coordinate what we hope will become a shared DC TV universe that spans multiple networks. But, even if CBS and TNT keep their own programming as just that - their own - there's no stopping the growth of a franchise just on The CW.

Firestorm Spinoff Show Discussion
Robbie Amell as Firestorm

When Brandon Routh joined the cast of Arrow as a character who'd become the superhero known as Atom, the creators behind the show, including Marc Guggenheim, didn't shy away from listing him as a potential character for his own spinoff. The same talk was heard from the Flash camp when they introduced Robbie Amell as Firestorm. And that's (sort of) what's happening.

An Arrow/Flash spinoff is in the works, described as a team-up that will embrace time-travel, a plot device about to be explored in The Flash. A few familiar faces have already been confirmed, including Routh, and the other half of Firestorm played by veteran actor Victor Garber, alongside Arrow's Caity Lotz and Flash's Wentworth Miller. A few new characters will join the main cast as well, but like the title of this series, they've not yet been named.

What we do know, from the words of Arrow star Stephen Amell this weekend at Kansas City's Planet Comicon, is that the Arrow/Flash spinoff will air next year during the midseason, early 2016, so expect the beginnings for season 4 of Arrow and season 2 of Flash to help setup this third series.

Brandon Routh in Atom helmet
Brandon Routh as Atom

With both current CW DC shows making an appearance at Hollywood's PaleyFest 2015 this past week, Andrew Kreisberg answered quite a few questions about the second half of each show's current season and the upcoming spinoff where he told Green Arrow TV on the red carpet that it won't be long before we find out exactly how Caity Lotz's Black Canary will be a part of this show given her ... concluded storyline in Arrow.

"I think by the Spring, you’ll know. We want to keep some surprises going, but we’re really excited about that series…. just to add another leg to the tripod, and complete it. We’ll get to see some of the characters that we’ve seen and introduce a whole bunch of new characters, and show them all in a different way, and have the show really feel different. As different as Flash feels from Arrow, this new show will feel different from both of them."

As for the title of the show, the creators and network are very unsure at this point and it seems the project came together pretty quickly and is going to be based on who they can sign, beginning with the names they locked down above.

"I don't know. It's still very early in the process on that. We had to make sure to get as much of the cast set as we could before we sat down to break this mega-series with all of these characters, rather than be do that and have people say they’re not interested."

Does the idea of a team-up featuring both new and returning characters appeal to you? Should Robbie Amell's Firestorm be a main character in this series as well? Would you rather see another popular DC Comics character lead their own third show on the CW Network? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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