Arrow Producer: Felicity Will Never Suit Up as a Superhero

Arrow Felicity Superhero Mask

Things have never been darker for Oliver Queen, and they've also never been better for Arrow. All season, the show has been getting back to basics while also exploring a new batch of characters. Despite the increase in Team Arrow members and Star City heroes, however, one lone villain has been able to thwart our protagonists at every turn. The showdown between Oliver and Prometheus has led to some bleak moments for the hero, but has also made for some captivating TV. In the past few weeks, we've seen Oliver tortured into admitting a deep truth about himself and watched his slow transformation into the Hood begin to come full circle in the flashbacks.

Yesterday, Oliver finally brought war to Prometheus, setting things up for what's already been billed as a psychological and personal finale. We've also been teased that the show will see the return of Deathstroke, so there's never been a better time for Star City to gain a few new superheroes. Over on Legends of Tomorrow, we got to see an alternate reality this week where Felicity Smoak suited up as a tech-based vigilante in the wake of everyone else's deaths. Could a version of this become a reality for Team Arrow's sole desk jockey?

EW (via CBR) spoke with Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim about the future of the show, and he made it clear that there are two very specific things the show will never do.

"There’s two lines in the sand that I’ve drawn for Arrow for myself. I can’t speak for Greg [Berlanti] or for Wendy [Mericle], but for as long as I’m involved with the show, the two things I never want to do is kill off Thea and put Felicity in a mask and a costume. Those, to me, are two lines that I just think are a bridge too far. Thea, because we’ve taken so many family members away from Oliver, and Felicity because when you put a character like that in a costume, I think it diminishes who that character is and it makes the idea of superheroics seem silly.”

The reveal of Felicity's costume for Legends seemed to drive fans nuts. Some were excited to see the hacker finally out in the field after years of being surrounded by far less qualified individuals doing the same. Still, others prefer Felicity to be the anchor for the team and the one person who doesn't enter into the larger-than-life world of costumes and masks. It seems that Guggenheim agrees, meaning Felicity's turn in Legends will remain a fun bit.

Meanwhile, the fact that Thea is immune to death will likely be welcome news for Willa Holland. Though it may be a bit spoilery to reveal Thea can essentially never die—except for that one time she was killed and resurrected—it's also good to know that Oliver won't have to bare the weight of losing every one of his family members. The show has already put him and Quentin through hell in this department, so it's nice to hear Thea is the one person of the show who's safe. That said, the show still has plenty of other characters who could be casualties of war, and we suspect at least a few of them won't make it out of this season alive.

Arrow returns on April 26 with "Dangerous Liaisons" @ 8pm on The CW.

Source: CBR

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