Arrow's Stephen Amell on the 100th Episode & Fall Finale

Arrow - Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen

Stephen Amell has always been an extremely interactive actor with his fans via his various social media platforms, but none more so than with Arrow viewers - who speak to and with him on his Facebook page. With the series having recently hit 100 episodes and the latest fall finale right around the corner, Arrow shows no signs of slowing down.

Amell decided to celebrate Arrow’s 100th episode by taking part in a special question and answer session on Facebook - where he revealed some exciting information about what’s to come in the superhero TV series’ future. He also talked about the real emotions viewers may have caught in his and his fellow Arrow cast member's performances in the 100th episode.

On the latter topic, Amell offered the following during his Facebook Live talk:

“That’s one of the things that happens when you get to 100 episodes – that you build these memories with people – and some of these bleed onto the screen. You always want them to be appropriate to the character, but nonetheless, real emotions sometimes on screen plays well, and I think you saw a lot of that in the 100th episode.

“It might be my favorite scene ever to shoot on the show, where I get to say goodbye to Susanna [Thompson] and to Jamey [Sheridan] as Moira and Robert, and then theoretically say goodbye to Thea [Willa Holland], and then in a driving rainstorm – Katie Cassidy deserves a lot of credit for this, because she was standing in a wedding dress in a driving rainstorm – to say goodbye to Laurel. That was pretty crazy.”

Arrow season 5 - Artemis (Madison McLaughlin)

Amell also opened up during the live video about how Artemis will be playing a huge role in the show’s upcoming fall finale:

“I can tell you that Artemis [Madison McLaughlin] plays a big, big part in our fall finale, which airs this Wednesday. I know sometimes I say this, but, it’s probably the episode that I’m most proud (sic) of this year. Does it have the history and the characters and all of the things that 100th episode has? No, of course not, that would be impossible, but, [I’m] so proud of that episode.”

Hearing that Amell is excited for viewers to see exactly what the show’s writers have up their sleeves moving forward is certainly a good sign. He’s an actor not afraid to voice his true opinions about the DC Universe he’s now a major part of, so what’s to come could certainly blow the socks off of fans.

With that being said, Amell also has a duty to protect and promote his show. There’s every chance he’s gone against his better judgment to get behind a storyline he doesn’t actually feel fits the Arrowverse. The goings on of this fifth season have already split audiences right down the middle, so it’s going to take something very special in order for those watching at home to get behind the show - and be as passionate about the events occurring in Star City as they have been in the past.

Arrow continues Wednesday with ‘What We Leave Behind’ at 8pm on The CW.

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