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Details of Roy Harper's return have been revealed in the synopsis for the upcoming Arrow episode, 'Doppelganger'. Arrow may be taking a short break during the Olympics, leaving still plenty on Ollie's plate - both as the Mayor and the Green Arrow - when it returns. His upcoming trial, his divided team, and the identity of the person who sent the doctored photo to the FBI and gave false info to Cayden James are all pending. Not to mention all the normal issues with being a husband, father, mayor, and vigilante.

Though perhaps there is some help on the way. Roy Harper is coming back to Star City. Roy's return has been teased for awhile, but thus far the reason for the character's return have been kept under wraps. Ever since he took credit for being the Arrow and faked his own death, Roy has done his best to avoid returning to Star City. He did come back once before, but that was when he was being threatened by The Calculator and forced to return against his will. It would take a lot for Roy to risk exposing that Oliver was actually the Arrow, especially with Ollie potentially about to be caught as the Green Arrow.


Now The CW has released the synopsis for Roy's return episode. Titled 'Doppelganger', the synopsis reveals both Roy's reason for returning, and a little about a side plot involving Black Siren.

ROY HARPER RETURNS - Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Thea (Willa Holland) are shocked to hear that Roy Harper (guest star Colton Haynes) is back in Star City. However, when they discover the circumstances of Roy's return, Oliver and Thea realize that Roy is in trouble and jump in to save him. Black Siren (Katie Cassidy) makes a shocking discovery.

Kristin Windell directed the episode with story by  Christos Gage & Ruth Fletcher Gage and teleplay by Speed Weed.


It sounds as though Roy's reason for coming home to Star City is similar to the reason he came back two years earlier. He's in danger of some kind and needs help from his former teammates. Whether he has returned of his own volition this time or has once again been forced to return is not clear. Meanwhile, the episode's title might have more to do with Black Siren's story than with Roy's. Doppelganger is another word for a double or a lookalike, after all. With Lance trying to find any remnant of his daughter Laurel in her Earth-2 double, maybe the shocking discovery that Black Siren makes has something to do with Laurel - her doppelganger.


Roy's return has been highly anticipated by fans. His absence in the 100th episode 'Invasion!' was noticed by many, as was the fact that he was one of Oliver Queen's few loved ones who was not taken hostage by Prometheus at the end of season 5. Nor is his return the only one fans have to look forward to this season, with Nyssa al Ghul also returning. But there is something special about Roy's return. If only that Oliver has been significantly lacking in teammates lately, so he could probably use his old sidekick Arsenal in the field with him once more.

Arrow returns to The CW with 'Collision Course' on Thursday, March 1 at 8 pm. 'Doppelganger' airs March 8.

Source: The CW

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