Arrow Passes the Torch in 'Next of Kin' Trailer

Diggle fully embraces his new role as the Green Arrow in next week's outing of The CW's Arrow. Following this week's huge plot twist of Oliver giving up the mantle as Star City's number one crime-fighting archer, Diggle steps into the spotlight to tak over and starts his stint as the newest iteration of the vigilante.

Last night's installment of Arrow saw Oliver ultimately decide to put his vigilante days behind him for two main reasons. First, he faced immense pressure due to a (fake) photo of him as the Green Arrow leaking. He also wanted to give his son, William, the peace of mind after the child expressed fear his father could be killed while on a mission. Oliver was then prompted to pass the torch to Diggle, who now takes the identity as the Emerald Archer.


The change in personnel may be a little too quick, but due to the nature of the gig, Diggle does not have much down time to fully immerse himself in his new job. With a new villain hitting town, he needs to immediately suit up as the Green Arrow as seen in the recently released promo for the next week's episode titled "Next of Kin." Check out the clip above.

Arrow John Diggle

While there is no doubt that Diggle can carry out his new task as effectively as Oliver, Team Arrow is understandably having a hard time coming to terms with the shift in leadership within their squad. Fortunately, it seems like the former military man is confident with himself that he got a good grasp of the situation, especially after the pep-talk that he got from his superhero predecessor.

It is currently unknown if this change is temporary or permanent, but at this point, it appears as if Oliver does not have any plans of looking back. After all, he won't have any shortage of things to do as he is still the Mayor of Star City and is attempting to move his personal relationships in the right direction by appeasing his son and reconciling with Felicity. The question now is if he can resist the urge to suit up when his friends get into a tricky situation, knowing he could be of great help.

As for Diggle, it will be interesting to see where this narrative arc will take him. Prior to the season, David Ramsey has teased that this season of Arrow will break his character physically and emotionally, and now that he is at the forefront of Team Arrow's crime-fighting squad, he becomes more susceptible to both physical and emotional traumas. So far he looks okay and pumped-up for his role, but we can expect that it won't be a walk in the park for him while wearing the Green Arrow suit.


Arrow returns with “Next of Kin” @8pm on The CW, October 26, 2017

Source: The CW

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