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Arrow John Diggle Replacing Oliver Queen


A fresh batch of promotional stills for this week's installment of Arrow has arrived. Following last week's game-changing plot twist that saw Oliver relinquishing his vigilante gig to Diggle, the upcoming outing for the show does not seem to be wasting any time getting it on with pushing the new titular character at the forefront of everything.

Last week, many fans were shocked with Oliver officially resigning as Star City's local crime-fighting superhero. But before he fully stepped away from the world of city-saving, he made sure that Team Arrow is not left scrambling without a new leader. He decided to pass the torch to Diggle, who seems to be settling smoothly in his new and bigger role in the squad.


Now, days before we get to know the immediate aftermath of Oliver's decision, The CW has released several promotional stills from this week's episode of Arrow titled 'Next of Kin.' In it, we get a closer look at Diggle under the green hood with  Wild Dog, Mister Terrific, and Black Canary in tow as they roam the streets of the Metropolis to make sure that everyone is safe until they come across what seems to be some hooligans driving a truck. From the looks of it, these new perps are not really the small-time ones as they are busting out of a complex. Check out the snaps below:

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Piecing these photos with the previously released synopsis for the new episode, it seems like the criminals have something to do with Arrow's villain at hand, Onyx, played by Chastity Dotson. The foe's evil plan? Raid Kord Industries and steal something that we can only expect they can use for their personal gain -- checking in with the truck coming out of a what appears to be a facility. How Diggle's first outing with the team remains to be seen but if the trailer for the installment is any indication, he is pretty confident with his new gig as the Emerald Archer.

While this is not the first time for us to see Diggle in the Green Arrow suit, it could still take a little bit of time getting used to the fact that Oliver is no longer the team's leader as he devotes his time mainly serving as Star City's Mayor and William' father. That's not to say that Diggle will not be good at the job, but having this kind of set-up in Arrow feels a little bit odd especially after five years of seeing Oliver strive to find a balance between his public persona and his superhero alter-ego only for him to ultimately walk away from the job.


Arrow returns with “Next of Kin” @8pm on The CW, October 26, 2017

Source: The CW

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