Arrow’s Manu Bennett Campaigns For Deathstroke Spinoff Series

Manu Bennett as Deathstroke aka Slade Wilson on DCTV's Arrow

Manu Bennett's Deathstroke quickly became a fan favorite on Arrow back in season 1, but he is now hoping to get his own spinoff series. Bennett has played both the ally and foe roles as Slade Wilson throughout his years of appearances on Arrow, but took almost a season and a half off between appearances lately. After being locked away on Lian Yu, Arrow moved on from Deathstroke, but many of the fans never did and continued to plead for him to come back. That return finally happened in the Arrow season 5 finale, but fans and Bennett already want more.

As the case may be with any fan favorite character, the desire and pressure to keep them around is always high from a fan's perspective but also for the show's creators. Now that fans have had their Deathstroke appetites fulfilled in a brief but memorable appearance, the interest in a Deathstroke spinoff has been rejuvenated. Bennett is backing this movement and is hoping more fans will let their voices be heard.

Bennett responded to a fan question on Twitter recently about the chance of a Deathstroke spinoff becoming a reality. There has never been any public discussions of Deathstroke being a property DC is intent on making, but that will not slow down the support the idea will get. So, Bennett's simple response to the idea was that more people need to voice their thoughts as well.

Everybody who wants a #deathstrokeoriginalseries needs to rally @DCComics @WarnerBrosEnt @GBerlanti & @mguggenheim @netflix

— Manu (@manubennett) May 31, 2017

With The CW already set to expand to five DC comic properties this fall after adding Black Lightning, they are quickly running out of room to add another series. However, Bennett may already have an alternate landing spot in mind as he tagged Netflix in his response. With Netflix's success on more adult, grounded Marvel series, it is easy to see how Deathstroke could follow this format and offer a new type of television series for DC fans. Even if The CW and Netflix are not options for a Deathstroke series, DC is set to launch their own streaming service soon that will feature Young Justice season 3 and a live-action Titans series, so Deathstroke could be a fit there as well.

Fan-favorite characters getting spinoffs is not uncommon in the superhero television world either. Multiple CW characters got a team spinoff in Legends of Tomorrow, while ABC tried to give Adrianne Palicki's Mockingbird a spinoff with Most Wanted before it was canned, and Netflix is giving Jon Bernthal's Punisher his own series following his smashing debut in Daredevil season 2. Bennett's Deathstroke could follow suit with these, but it is currently up to fans to show support of this idea and make the higher ups at DC, The CW, Netflix, and others become interested in the idea and see a built-in following.

Even if they are trepidatious about giving Deathstroke a full spinoff series, there is always the possibility of giving him a single outing in a mini-season format to test the waters at the very least. Agent Carter found some success as a mini-series during the winter hiatus of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and with The CW having so many of these shows off the air during the winter, giving Bennett an eight episode mini-series could be a great start. Either way, this is far from being a reality at this point, but let your voice be heard if it is something that interests you.

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Arrow returns for season 6 this fall on The CW.

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