'Arrow' Producer Talks Deathstroke & Amanda Waller's Future

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CW's Arrow has done a nice job of introducing iconic characters from the comics into their storylines for the past three seasons. However, with the DC Cinematic Universe going into full force next year, and the confirmation that Michael Rowe's Deadshot will not be returning after his death in "Suicidal Tendencies," it makes one wander - could the blossoming cinematic universe limit the already existing TV world? For right now, it seems like the answer is still unknown.

With David Ayer's Suicide Squad film about to begin production and its large cast of characters (some of which already existing on Arrow), fans have begun to wonder if characters like Deathstroke (Manu Bennett) and Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) might disappear from the series, as having two versions of the characters could prove to be confusing. Well, it looks like fans might be not have to worry about it...for now.

After a screening of Wednesday night's episode recently, the show's executive producer Marc Guggenheim addressed the fan concerns to a room of reporters in regards to some of the series' recurring characters. Guggenheim commented on the issue with the following:

"I haven't been informed that [Deathstroke] is off the table. We have Slade Wilson ideas and we talk about it. I know that Manu is shooting another TV series in New Zealand, so there's some practical things but he's not off the table, at least as far as I'm aware."

This should cool some fans' worries concerning the lack of Slade's presence as of late with the character only appearing in one episode of season 3 thus far. Bennett and the character quickly became fan favorites from his first appearance on the show and while his total arc seems to have been completed at the end of season 2, it's comforting to know the writers aren't planning on leaving the character alone anytime soon.

In regards to Amanda Waller's future, Guggenheim said the following:

"Amanda's not off the table either. Cynthia's wonderful; she's a great actress. The challenge that we had with her this season is that she was first on a series called 'Texas Rising' and then when that finished she was on a movie called 'The Accountant,' and 'Arrow' was always in second position because she's not a series regular. So you probably felt us working around her availability. But we love her and we have a story idea for her for season 4 and anything is possible."

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Despite the precarious state viewers last saw Waller in, audiences know that the character survived past Hong Kong and has continued to have a strong background presence in the present of the show. While it doesn't seem like fans will be seeing much more of her by the end of season 3, the tease of a possible storyline involving Waller and A.R.G.U.S. in season 4 (especially considering the confirmation of H.I.V.E. becoming a major player come next Fall) should be enough to start some fan theories out there on the message boards.

With the loss of Michael Rowe's Deadshot this season as well as another prominent series regular in this most recent episode, Arrow may have some vacancies to fill in the coming season. While some fans have been disappointed with the uneven pacing of Arrow's third season, the past few episodes have begun building towards what looks to be a game-changing finale and one that will leave viewers begging for more.

Arrow airs Wednesdays @8pm on The CW.


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