Deadshot Image from Arrow

The CW’s ‘Arrow’ has released some killer new images of DC Comics' deadly assassin Deadshot, who appears in the upcoming season 1 episode, ‘Lone Gunmen.’

Arrow- First Look at Deadshot

The premiere of the CW’s new dark anti-hero drama Arrow may still a week away, but the network is giving fans their first look at one of the series' highly-anticipated baddies. Deadshot (played by Canadian actor Michael Rowe) will make his debut in the third episode titled ‘Lone Gunmen’, and first encounters the emerald archer when he shoots one of Arrow’s shady targets before our hero can bring him to justice.

Despite the target being a first-class scumbag, Deadshot’s motives are more monetary than altruistic; Oliver Queen/Arrow soon learns that not only is the accomplished assassin taking out businessmen who are scheduled to bid at an auction for an energy company, but Queen's stepfather Walter Steele (Colin Salmon) is also one of the bidders. With Deadshot’s sights set on his family, Oliver enlists the help of Detective Lance (Paul Blackthorne); unfortunately his plan ends up having dire consequences.

Check out the new photos of Deadshot’s first appearance on Arrow in ‘Lone Gunmen’; although his token featureless mask and stylish mustache won’t be making an appearance, the character is still sporting his trademark hi-tech eye scope:


Arrow- First Look at Deadshot - Floyd Lawton

Arrow- First Look at Deadshot - Deadshot takes sight

Arrow- First Look at Deadshot - Arrow confronts Deadshot

For those who are only casual readers of the DC comics source material on which Arrow is based – Floyd Lawton (aka Deadshot) is pegged as one of the DCU’s top assassins, and it’s rumored he’s never missed with a rifle and has a near perfect kill record. After spending some time getting his ass kicked by Batman, Deadshot eventually turned into more of an anti-hero than an outright villain, becoming a member of the clandestine government super group, The Suicide Squad and later the Secret Six.

Deadshot is not the only DC character taking a stab at Arrow this season: fellow assassin Constantine Drakon and drug lord China White will also be trying take out Starling City’s new protector, but fortunately for Oliver, other DCU heroes like The Huntress will be popping in for an assist.

Are you loving or hating the CW’s update to Deadshot’s super-villain look?


Arrow premieres next Wednesday, October 10 @ 8/7c on The CW and catch Deadshot in the October 24th episode ‘Lone Gunmen.’

Source: The Huffington Post


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