Arrow Actor Thinks Deadshot Is Still Alive, Hopes Villain Returns

Michael Rowe, best known for portraying Deadshot during the first three years of Arrow before being suddenly killed off near the end of season 3, believes that his character somehow survived and should return to the Arrowverse. Throughout its five seasons, Arrow has never been afraid to kill off central and supporting characters alike, but one death that seemed to have taken fans by surprise is the untimely death-by-explosion of Floyd Lawton/Deadshot. Seemingly done to avoid confusion with the big screen version of the character (portrayed by A-lister Will Smith) in Suicide Squad, many hoped that the character had somehow survived and would make a return once the hype surrounding Suicide Squad had died down.

While Rowe did return to the role early on in season 5 of Arrow, it was only as a delusion of main character John Diggle during his false imprisonment arc. With the structure of the upcoming sixth season expected to be different from previous seasons, thanks to the island flashback scenes wrapping up and the fates of most of the principle characters in doubt at the end of season 5 (as well as the return of Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke in a more involved role confirmed), perhaps it’s time to bring back other characters like Rowe’s Deadshot.

During a set visit intended to promote Rowe’s upcoming comic book web series Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe, Comic Book got the actor to open up about his opinion on the fate of the Arrowverse Deadshot. Along with confirming that the decision to kill his character off came not from anyone involved with Arrow but from higher up the ladder, Rowe revealed that he firmly believes his character did not die in the explosion. For his full thoughts on the fate of Deadshot, read below:

Amy Gumenick and Michael Rowe in Arrow Season 3 Episode 17

"I don’t think that he died in the explosion; maybe that’s just me giving the character a lot of credit. I know that he’s notoriously hard to kill, and I have my own theories as to what happened in that situation. You didn’t see a body; they just had to remove him quickly from the show because of business and there would be a lot of fun ways to bring him back..."

Rowe also opened up on other ways his character could come back, assuming he did in fact die in the explosion, revealing:

"Me coming back to Arrow or any of those shows is always a possibility. You’re talking about a universe where they deal with time travel, there’s all kinds of flashbacks, there’s ways to bring people back to life, there’s ways to go to alternate earths like you’ve seen on The Flash.”

Rowe makes some very interesting points – in a world of super powers, time travel and previously established methods of resurrection, is a return for Deadshot really that far-fetched? And given the small screen debut of Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) on Supergirl this past season, it’s obvious that the higher ups at DC are relaxing their confounding policy of not allowing both big screen and small screen versions of their characters to exist at the same time. So will Rowe’s Deadshot make his return to the Arrowverse anytime soon? It’s hard to say definitively, but it’s surely something that a lot of fans would be on board with.

Arrow season 6 premieres on Thursday,

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Source: Comic Book

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