Arrow: 15 DC Villains That NEED To Be In Season 6

Moving on from Prometheus, we break down the iconic DC Comics supervillains we need to see Oliver Queen face in season 6 of Arrow.

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen the Green Arrow on the CW's Arrow

Over the course of five seasons, The CW’s Arrow has introduced more characters than it knows what to do with. Many of these have been villains, pulled from the pages of the comics. And though Green Arrow himself has an impressive villain roster on the page, the show has also culled many of Batman’s villains as well. Given the extensive Rogues Gallery the Dark Knight has, there’s no shortage of DC villains that can appear in the Arrowverse, even if they choose not to overlap with Gotham. Add in some Flash villains who have taken umbrage with Star City’s protector instead of the Scarlet Speedster, and Oliver Queen has never wanted for a foe.

Even with the plethora of baddies we’ve already seen on the show, however, Oliver’s role as a vigilante is far from over. Likewise, the creators of the show still have plenty of Arrow-worthy villains that they can pull over from the comic book page to the small screen. With Oliver and what’s left of his team facing new challenges in the wake of season 5’s finale, the right foe could be their undoing.

With that in mind, here’s 15 DC Villains Arrow Should Face In Season 6.

15 Onomatopoeia

Onomatopoeia Green Arrow Issue 13

Created by Kevin Smith and Phil Hester, the enigmatic Onomatopoeia debuted in 2002’s Green Arrow #13. Not only does he look creepy, but he’s made even more unnerving thanks to his namesake. Imitating the sounds he hears around him, Onomatopoeia is a perfect villain for a world with BAMs and POWs. He’s also a skilled tactician and master marksman, making him a fitting foe for Oliver.

In the comics, he first appears as a serial killer targeting heroes with superpowers. Eventually, that puts him in the crosshairs of Green Arrow and they’ve been tussling ever since. There’s even hints that he himself may have metahuman powers, though virtually nothing is known about the rogue. And while he’d be the perfect big bad for season 6, there’s one behind-the-scenes wrinkle that could keep him away.

At one point, Onomatopoeia was all set to appear on Arrow, but EP Andrew Kreisberg had a change of heart after learning Kevin Smith felt the character couldn’t be adapted. In the end, he morphed into Mr. Blank, but Onomatopoeia is still waiting in the wings. And with Smith working his way through directing Arrowverse shows, perhaps his debut on Arrow could bring with it Onomatopoeia.

14 Killer Moth

As both a Batman and Green Arrow villain, Killer Moth is the perfect addition to Arrow. In his originally 1951 incarnation, he was basically an evil fanboy who copied Batman’s gimmick but used a Moth as his inspiration. He had a Moth Cave, a Moth-mobile, and tons of gadgets along with a ridiculous costume.

In the ‘90s, the character was given a reboot following Crisis on Infinite Earths. Now, he was criminal Drury Walker, who adopts the Killer Moth identity to be taken more seriously in the underworld. Still, he mostly relied on gadgets and a gun that shoots webbing and grenades. Following the New 52 reboot, he got upgraded once again, now with a more sinister costume and a powerful compressed air gun. He switched from battling Batman to Green Arrow as well, most notably as a member of the Longbow Hunters.

13 The Longbow Hunters

Inspired by the seminal Green Arrow story from 1987, the Longbow Hunters are a group of Green Arrow rogues created during Jeff Lemire’s run in 2014. As part of the New 52, the group was pulled together by the new Richard Dragon and featured the upgraded Killer Moth, along with new creation Red Dart. Rounding out the group were longtime Green Arrow villains Brick, Clock King, and Count Vertigo. Those last three all exist in the Arrowverse— with Count Vertigo having two incarnations— and have long been abandoned by the show’s writers.

With the fate of the Suicide Squad in question in the Arrowverse, a major season 6 arc could revolve around the three existing Arrow villains being gathered up by Richard Dragon along with new additions Killer Moth and Red Dart to form the Longbow Hunters and take down Team Arrow.

12 Electrocutioner

Like a number of Green Arrow’s villains, Electrocutioner started out as a Batman rogue. Debuting in 1981’s Batman #331, there have actually been three different villains who have used the clunky pun of Electrocutioner as their name. Like Marvel’s Shocker, each of them have a suit that lets them shoot out electrical jolts, making them a formidable foe for non-powered heroes.

In the comics, the various Electrocutions have had run-ins with Speedy, Black Canary, Spoiler, and of course Green Arrow. Most of the conflicts between Oliver and the Electrocutioner came during the New 52, meaning the character could easily transition into the world of the show. Even better, but he’s connected to the comic version of Prometheus, providing a link for his arrival on Arrow.

A version of the character has already appeared on Gotham, but the two DC shows have been known to share in the past.

11 Emperor Blackgate

The Arrowverse is not only teaming with villains, but with various prisons housing all the captured rogues. Considering that, it’s only a matter of time before some enterprising villain comes along and tries to rule over the incarcerated masses. That’s the exact idea behind Emperor Blackgate, a character who debuted during the New 52 run of Batman.

Born Ignatius Ogilvy, the man who would become Emperor Blackgate started off life as the son of a criminal who was murdered outside the same theater where Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed. Ogilvy eventually works his way up through Gotham’s criminal ranks, allying himself with the Penguin. Soon, he takes over even his operation, dubbing himself Emperor Penguin.

Following that, he goes a step further and gives himself super-strength with a concoction made from Bane’s Venom serum, some of Poison Ivy’s plants, and the Man-Bat serum. Batman is able to foil him and put him away in Blackgate, but that’s when he takes over the criminal enterprise there and christens himself Emperor Blackgate.

Like the Longbow Hunters, Emperor Blackgate could be a great way for Arrow to cull together a number of new and existing rogues.

10 Natas

Natas would make for a great overall villain for season 6 of Arrow given his comic connections to the archer and the threat he poses. Introduced in 2006’s Green Arrow #66, Natas ("Satan" spelled backwards) is a mysterious martial arts master who’s considered one of the greatest fighters in the DC Universe. He also happens to be the teacher of Deathstroke, and eventually Oliver.

Following an attack by the Dark Archer, aka Malcolm Merlyn, Oliver is left a shell of his former self. To get back in shape, he begins training with a number of new teachers including Natas. Though he’s a violent and merciless tutor, Natas eventually makes Oliver stronger than ever - before abandoning him and leaving a legion of assassins behind to kill Oliver.

Thanks to the teacher-turned-villain arc and his connection with Deathstroke, it could be interesting to see Natas train up Oliver following the events of season 5 only to become his greatest foe.

9 Rainbow Archer

The Flash has Rainbow Raider, but Green Arrow has the Rainbow Archer. A relatively obscure villain who’s been largely absent from the comics over the past half a century, the Rainbow Archer was first introduced in 1958’s Adventure Comics #246.

A poor counterfeiter who turns to archery-themed crime after being thwarted by the Green Arrow, Rainbow Archer could make for a fun foe for Oliver to face. After all, he’s had enough poe-faced drama to last a lifetime. And though Rainbow Archer may seem a bit silly, he’s every bit as skilled at archery as Oliver. He’s even a bowyer and fletcher, meaning he can make his own bows and arrows. With that advantage over his rival, he could be both a fun and formidable rogue for Green Arrow to face.

8 Whisper A’Daire

Whisper A’Daire has never been a Green Arrow villain, but her connections to Ra’s al Ghul and the League of Assassins would make her a perfect foe on Arrow. Introduced in 2000’s Detective Comics #743, A’Daire is a former colleague of al Ghul’s who’s given a special serum that keeps her immortal and allows her some shape-shifting abilities. She’s also been shown to have a limited form of mind-control.

With all these skills combined, she could make for a unique villain for Team Arrow and offers the show another chance to have a female big bad for the season. She’s also had run-ins with Black Canary and Vixen in the comics, providing a reason for the modern version of the latter hero to come back on the show. She also frequently runs Intergang, the criminal organization that is souped-up with technology from Apokolips. While that bit may be more up Supergirl’s alley, a version of Intergang in the Arrowverse would delight fans.

7 The Spider

Over more than eight decades, there have been three different archers who have gone by the name The Spider. Not to be confused with DC’s Black Spider, the original villain in question debuted in the ‘30s as Alias the Spider. Eventually, he was snatched up by the burgeoning DC and remade into one of their villains. In his first incarnation, he was a Batman-like playboy-turned-vigilante. After coming to DC, however, he was made an outright criminal and villain who fought using a bow and arrow while wearing a yellow shirt and blue shorts.

Later versions of the character, each related to the original, would tweak the costume a bit but keep the name and weaponry. While Arrow has faced a number of archers, there’s likely always room for one more, and Green Arrow and the Spider have faced off enough in the comics to make a battle between them on TV worthwhile.

6 Professor Ojo

First appearing in Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter #18 in 1977, Professor Ojo would go on to become a frequent Green Lantern and Green Arrow villain. A genius born without eyes thanks to the atomic work of his father, Ojo eventually joins up with Ra’s al Ghul and trains with the League of Assassins to become a skilled warrior. Naturally, this gives the villain an obvious in when it comes to fighting Oliver, but he would be an interesting addition thanks to his disability.

Though he does create a device that lets him see— and shoot lasers— it would be interesting to see Arrow explore more characters with disabilities. It’s something that’s severely lacking in superhero fiction, save Daredevil, so adding Ojo as a villain could add some nuance and depth to Oliver’s Rogues Gallery.

5 Cluemaster

Cluemaster has mostly served as a Bat-Family villain for the past 50 years, but barring an appearance on Gotham, he’d make for an excellent campy foe for the Green Arrow. A failed game show host named Arthur Brown, Cluemaster arrived as a villain in 1966’s Detective Comics #351, from Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino.

Like the Riddler, he leaves behind various clues at the scene of his crimes. He also has an arsenal of pellets he uses that contain all sorts of nasty chemicals and explosives. More interestingly, he’s one of Batman’s few mentally coherent rogues, giving him an edge in combat that the Dark Knight’s more unhinged villains lack. As a colorful rogue with a keen mind, Cluemaster could make for a fun enemy for Green Arrow to face.

4 Cheshire

Jade Nguyen, better known as the villain Cheshire, is one of the most perfect additions to Arrow. In both the comics and Young Justice, she quickly strikes up a rivalry with DC’s heroes. More intriguing, however, is her relationship with Roy Harper.

While undercover, the two become romantically involved, providing one of the more complicated comic book relationships. Fans have long been hoping that Colton Haynes will come back to Arrow, and it would be an amazing development to have him connected to Cheshire.

The martial arts master could arrive as a new villain, only for her relationship with Roy to be slowly teased out. Not only is Cheshire a formidable foe, but the emotional connection would make for a fantastic arc and a great way to bring Roy back into the fold.

3 Black Mask

Black Mask Batman Greatest Comic Villains

Roman Sionis, better known as Black Mask, first appeared in 1985’s Batman #386. While he’s long been a Batman villain— and is rumored to be in Gotham City Sirens— he could easily be adapted for Oliver Queen.

His backstory is a little wild, as Sionis is abused by his rich and absentee parents, starts a cosmetic line that disfigures women, murders his parents and then desecrates their graves, and is finally struck by lightning. In the end, Sionis winds up with a black skull mask and an on-the-nose name. His rivalry with Bruce Wayne and his criminal background could make him a great foil for both Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow.

Black Mask is a spooky-looking foe and a skilled tactician and marksman, giving him the right amount of grounded skills and supervillain flair to fit in on Arrow.

2 Lady Shiva

Lady Shiva

Lady Shiva is a villain perfect for Arrow thanks to her connection to so many existing figures in the Arrowverse. First introduced in Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter #5 in 1975, Sandra Wu-San originally appeared as a foe for the martial arts hero. Eventually, she’d come into the orbit of Batman and the Birds of Prey thanks to her connection to Ra’s al Ghul.

Like a number of characters on Arrow, Lady Shiva was trained by the League of Assassins, even having a number of fateful encounters with Black Canary and the comic book version of Sin. Though Sin has long been removed from the show and Sara would be a better substitute for the Canary Shiva has dealings with, she would be a great grounded villain for Oliver to fight and could be woven into the tapestry of the existing lore.

She also eventually sires Cassandra Cain, one of many to hold the Batgirl mantle - providing an opening for Cassandra's introduction into the Arrowverse.

1 Ratcatcher

Ratcatcher is so ridiculous that he’s just begging to be put on a show like Arrow. Representing the grotesque absurdity of Gotham, Otis Flannegan was a legitimate rat-catcher in the city before falling into a life of crime. Naturally, he has control of an army of sewer rats and walks around wearing a gas mask.

With Star City resembling Gotham more and more, a villain like Ratcatcher would be the perfect addition to a more intense and serious arc. Plus, as Squirrel Girl has proven in Marvel Comics, an army of rodents can make you incredibly powerful. To be honest, Ratcatcher is far more likely to pop up on Gotham than on Arrow, but it would be wonderful to see him on the latter and learn that someone like Diggle or Oliver has a fear of rats.


Which DC villains do you want to see next season on Arrow? Let us know in the comments.

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