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Worlds collide when Arrow's David Ramsey and Iron Fist's Finn Jones recently met up. The two actors star in respective TV shows for comic book companies Marvel and DC. Fans were quickly got excited when a snap of the two of being playful with each other hit the internet, giving a sense of what it would be like if their respective characters somehow bumped into each other.

Ramsey is a mainstay on Arrow, where he plays John Diggle alongside Stephen Amell's titular character. Jones, on the other hand, has just debuted in his own solo Marvel TV Netflix series, Iron Fist, where he plays lead Danny Rand. He is scheduled to appear next in the ensemble project The  Defenders, where he will join the other New York-based heroes, Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil (Charlie Cox), Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) and Luke Cage (Mike Colter).

The photo of Ramsey and Jones goofing with each other on camera came from the former's own official Instagram account. As it turns out, both of them were in attendance at the recently held Puerto Rico Comic Con and decided to pose side-by-side for a quick tease of what it would be like to see them in a single frame. The Arrow regular even captioned his post with "John Diggle vs. Daniel Rand Spartan vs. Iron Fist DC vs. Marvel," with a finishing hashtag of #whoyougot.

Just meet Finn Jones! He's awesome! John Diggle vs. Daniel Rand Spartan vs. Iron Fist DC vs. Marvel. #whoyougot

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Despite the crazy rivalry that Marvel and DC have, the heated competition does not seem to affect the stars of the respective companies' films and series that much. Surely, Ramsey playfully threw in a cajoling "who you got?" hashtag and that it could open up a brand new debate between Marvel and DC fans, but everything was done good-naturedly. And hopefully, fans of both brands will also follow Ramsey and Jones's suit.

After their mock team-up or battle (depending on how fans would like to perceive it), both Ramsey and Jones will be back to their respective media universe. Ramsey has just wrapped up the fifth season of Arrow and another order of The CW series is expected in the fall where he will reprise his role as Oliver's (Amell) confidant by day and vigilante superhero Spartan by night.

Iron Fist, as previously mentioned, will be teaming up with the other three Marvel TV superheroes for The Defenders coming to Netflix this August. They will be up against a worthy opponent -- the mysterious Alexandra played by veteran actress Sigourney Weaver. Following that and a potential season 2 for Iron Fist, Jones has also teased on the possibility of a spinoff show with Colter's Luke Cage based on the comic book series Heroes for Hire.

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