'Torchwood' Star Joins 'Arrow'... as Count Vertigo?

While plans for a fifth season of BBC’s Torchwood may be on the back-burner until further notice, the show’s star, John Barrowman, is keeping busy on this side of the pond by taking up a new role on the CW’s upcoming superhero drama, Arrow. The former Doctor Who alum has signed on for what will be a recurring role in the first season.

The series producers are remaining very tight lipped about Barrowman’s character, only teasing that he will play a "well-dressed man who is as mysterious as he is wealthy … he is an acquaintance of the Queen family and a prominent figure in Starling City." It seems likely that whomever the enigmatic new character is, he almost certainly won’t be on the side of justice. Already two names have jumped to the top of fans' thought-provoking list - let the speculation begin!

For those who aren’t avid readers of the Green Arrow comics, the name Stanley Dover Sr might not be the first to leap out, but despite his limited appearances, the character played a somewhat pivotal role for the emerald archer. Dover Sr. was a seemingly kindly and wealthy philanthropist that took in the recently resurrected and amnesic Oliver Queen. In reality, Dover turned out to be demon-worshiper known to the public as the Star City Slayer (due to his penchant for killing children) who sought to claim Queen’s soulless body to replace his own withering shell.

Another (and seemingly more prospective suspect) is a modern spin on classic Green Arrow villain, Count Vertigo. Count Werner Vertigo is the last descendant a royal family that ruled the small eastern European country of Vlatava. Vertigo possesses a device that destabilizes the inner ear of his victims and causes them to lose focus and balance to debilitating levels.

Stanley Dover Sr AKA The Star City Slayer and Count Vertigo

Stanley Dover Sr AKA The Star City Slayer and Count Vertigo

 The possibility of Dover doesn’t seem totally unreasonable, but to give this character the full effect it means you’d have to kill poor Ollie off in the show's first season, which seems highly improbable. Some even less likely possibilities that have been tossed around are versions of Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) and even Bruce Wayne. Despite Green Arrow’s close relationship with both Green Lantern and Batman, don’t hold your breath that they will even appear in the series, much less the first season.

Barrowman was also recently cast in Shonda Rhimes’ ABC pilot Gilded Lilys, but the series failed to be pick up for the upcoming 2012-2013 TV season.  Fans of Torchwood shouldn’t be worried by Barrowman taking up other TV gigs – the actor has stated that despite his interest in resuming his beloved role of the dashing Captain Jack, the future of Torchwood rests in the hands of showrunner Russell T. Davies. Barrowman’s new role on Arrow will also let the actor stretch his wings in a possibly darker role than the lighthearted portrayal of Captain Jack Harkness.

Arrow is stacking up its fair share of DC Comics characters: villains China White and Deadshot have already been cast, while the Arrow trailer dropped the hint that Queen was in the company of Deathstoke the Terminator during his lost years on a remote island. For comic fans, seeing this familiar names pop up is always a thrill. Who do you think Barrowman is playing?


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Source: TV Guide

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