Stephen Amell Censors Arrow Costume In Season 8 Set Photo

The secrecy surrounding Arrow season 8 continues with star Stephen Amell even censoring his costume in a new set photo. Premiering in 2012, Arrow followed the journey of Oliver Queen as he returned following a mysterious five-year absence and embarked on a quest to save his city. The action-packed show quickly gained a passionate following and spawned what has come to be known as the Arrowverse. Earlier in the year, however, it was announced that Arrow season 8 would be its last.

The plot of season 8 is being kept firmly under wraps, though it's known that the season will tie firmly into the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover. Airing over five hours, Arrow will team with the heroes of The FlashSupergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and even Batwoman in order to halt the multiverse-destroying machinations of The Anti-Monitor. Given the popularity and cultural significance of that particular source material, many expect it will be an Endgame-level event. The most notable of the teases, however, occurred in Arrow, with Oliver Queen having to leave his family and honor his end of a bargain struck with The Monitor.

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Posting on Twitter, Amell continued to promote the upcoming season - which recently wrapped production on its first episode. The actor was determined to give nothing away, however, as he posed with regular Arrow director James Bamford on set. So much so that he scribbled all over his currently adorned costume in bright blue. Check out the full post below:

Arrow's final season will pick up one week after the season 7 finale and will only be comprised of 10 episodes. While episode 8 will help to wrap up the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" storyline, episode 9 will have nothing to do with the crossover. Equally, according to writer and producer Marc Guggenheim, episode 10 will be a "proper series finale," The final season will also continue the flash forwards to Star City 2049 - potentially setting up another new Arrowverse spin-off for next year.

Oliver Queen's final season costume was unveiled in recent images. As such, Amell's decision to obscure the sight of the costume he's wearing has led to furious speculation in the comments beneath the original tweet. A majority of those theories suggest it's Oliver's original costume from season 1 - the one once worn by both his former mentor, Yao Fei, and his past love interest (and Yao Fei's daughter) Shado. Having brought it back from Lian Yu with him, Oliver wore it in his vigilante endeavors before being blessed with frequent upgrades.

It's easy to see why fans have subscribed to this theory, the patches of costume that are still visible certainly appear to match the original costume's fabric and coloring. Also, it is customary for a show's final seasons to revisit the past. With episode 2 revealed to be titled, "Welcome to Hong Kong" and said to be an homage to season 3, it would appear that Arrow will definitely follow that trend. Since Oliver was last seen traveling with an interdimensional being, it remains to be seen whether Oliver's own stroll down memory lane will be more literal than thematic. Returning to his original costume would certainly fit with either option. Whatever the case ends up being regarding the costume, however, based on Amell's disheveled state, the final leg of Oliver Queen's journey will be an especially rough one.

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Arrow season 8 premieres October 15 on The CW.

Source: Stephen Amell/Twitter

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