Arrow: Cody Rhodes Hints at Villain Role in Season 5

Stephen Amell and Cody Rhodes in Arrow Season 5

The presence of DC Comics on television is growing strong with hit series like The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and the longest running of the four series, Arrow. The popularity of the show, which will begin airing season 5 this fall, eventually led to an ongoing appearance by the series' star, Stephen Amell, at several wrestling matches put on by the sports entertainment giant WWE. Amell appeared several times and even began a rivalry with and major wrestling match against the heel character Stardust, a creation of wrestling legend Cody Rhodes.

And now, returning the favor, Rhodes is set to make his debut on Arrow with season 5, and it looks as though he'll be maintaining his heel persona. It was announced not long ago that Rhodes would drop by Star City, but there were few details as to what kind of character he would be playing. As it turns out, Rhodes may have revealed which side of Team Arrow he's on with a recent post to his social media account.

The picture that Rhodes posted on Twitter shows him in the gym sporting a workout jacket with the words "Season 5 Arrow Team Rhodes 'Destroy Queen'" on the back. Take a look below:

Walk up in the gym like. . .#StarCityTraining @CW_Arrow

— Cody Rhodes (@CodyRhodes) July 9, 2016

That jacket, in conjunction with Rhodes' earlier statement, as reported by TVLine, wherein he said: “You can probably expect Stephen and I to get into another fight,” seems to suggest that the reunion won't feature lots of hugs and camaraderie -- at least not between Rhodes' character and Oliver Queen. Given that season 5 is expected to be chock full of vigilantes running around Star City, perhaps Rhodes will be working with either Vigilante or Wild Dog, or perhaps he will just be a run of the mill enforcer for Chad L. Coleman's big bad, Tobias Church. Either way, there's a good chance the rematch to his and Amell's fight will take place (unofficially) on Arrow. 

Amell and Rhodes first began their rivalry on Twitter, as longtime professional wrestling fan Amell was set to be ringside on an episode of the longest running syndicated show on television, WWE Monday Night Raw back in 2015. Rhodes, the son of sports entertainment legend Dusty Rhodes, was adorned in the make-up and wild costume of his Stardust persona, when he confronted Amell at on live television. It began a rivalry that was supposed to culminate at WWE's second largest event, SummerSlam, but the tragic death of Cody's father Dusty put the brakes on their face-off for most of the summer. Cody, a consummate professional, eventually made his way back to television to renew the rivalry in time for the event. The two faced-off in a tag team match with Amell joining forces with "The Man that Gravity Forgot" Neville vs. Stardust and Wade Barrett. The tag-team match ended with Amell taking an impressive dive off the top ropes and Neville's finishing move, which is conveniently named the "Red Arrow".

Cody Rhodes and Stephen Amell Face Off WWE

All too often when celebrities crossover into the ring it doesn't go well. The promotion is great, but the actual match can often be disappointing for the fans. That was not the case with Amell, the reception behind his WWE performance was positive within the company and he would even win a WWE Slammy award at the end of 2015 for his impressive performance. There was talk of more matches between Stardust and Amell, but then in a shocking twist Cody up and quit the WWE.

Rhodes announced his departure from the WWE last May. He was increasingly frustrated with having to portray the Stardust character and the WWE wouldn't let him revert back to being Cody Rhodes. He has been busy scheduling himself for dozens of indie wrestling appearances and now, a role on Arrow.

Arrow season 5 is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 8PM ET; The Flash season 3 is slated to air on Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at 8PM ET; DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will return on Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 8PM ET, Supergirl will make its season 2 debut on The CW on Monday, October 10, 2016 also at 8PM ET.

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