Gotham Responds to Arrow Name-Dropping DC Comics Hero

Gotham is tipping its cap to fellow DC television series Arrow after the latter made a sly reference to a certain DC icon in a clip from the upcoming episode "Tribute."

In the newest season of Arrow, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) finds himself - once again - accused of being the vigilante archer, Green Arrow. In the second episode of Arrow season 6, Oliver, now the mayor of Star City, denies the accusation in a press conference. The clip of the scene was unveiled prior to the episode airing and features Oliver saying the photo of him in the superhero costume could have been doctored to be anyone - even Bruce Wayne.

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Oliver coyly ponders if Bruce Wayne has recently left Gotham to moonlight in Star City, and the young bat-billionaire's current television home chimed in on Twitter. Check it out below.

Bruce Wayne was still in #Gotham last time we checked. ?

— Gotham (@Gotham) October 18, 2017

This is a nice bit of playful banter between the shows - and Amell was clearly psyched to blurt out that name - but it can't help but highlight the fact that Gotham is something of the odd man out with DC's current crop of superhero TV shows, existing outside of the continuity of the CW shows. It was long assumed that DC's higher tier characters were off limits for The CW, reserved for the annals of DC's cinematic output. But that notion became murky when The CW launched The Flash, and when Supergirl was eventually allowed to used the Man of Steel himself in Tyler Hoechlin's Superman.

Despite Gotham's playful tweet, this would seem to suggest another, different version of Bruce Wayne could exist within the realm of the Arrowverse. This wouldn't be difficult to reconcile, as these shows have fully embraced the notion of multiple realities existing in a multiverse. The notion of a full fledged Batman being introduced to the Arrowverse has long been a dream for fans of the small screen DC Universe, and while Arrow's name drop of Bruce Wayne is likely not setting up anything immediate, it's still an exciting prospect down the line.

For its part, Gotham has accelerated its teenaged Bruce Wayne into a fledgling crimefighter this season, complete with makeshift black armor that looks a little like Batman if you squint. It would be quite a surprise if DC embraced the possibilities of their television multiverse by having a young Bruce Wayne learning the ropes of crime-fighting on Gotham, as well as a fully formed Dark Knight to take part in the massive Arrowverse crossovers. While it's possible some would claim that's too much Batman, that flies in the face of a long standing rule in DC storytelling - you can never have too much Batman.

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Arrow season 6 continues with ‘Tribute’ this Thursday at 9pm on The CW.

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