How Black Canary Would React To Oliver Being Green Arrow Again

Stephen Amell and Juliana Harkavy in Arrow

Juliana Harkavy discusses where Dinah stands on the issue of Oliver Queen stepping back into the role of Green Arrow. So far, season 6 of The CW's flagship DC Comics series Arrow has brought about several key changes, not the least of which is Oliver handing over the mantle of Star City's protector to his partner John Diggle. And while Diggle's been in the role for several episodes now, Arrow isn't about to let an entire season go by without its main character doing what he does best. Sooner or later, Diggle and the Green Arrow moniker will have to part ways, and according to Harkavy, she'll be okay with it as long as it makes sense for the team.

Dinah Drake hasn't been with Team Arrow for very long, but she's come a long way since her days as an undercover cop. That mainly has to do with her becoming a meta-human and developing a power set that makes her one of the more formidable members of Oliver's team. But Dinah's also in a unique position as her time with the other heroes of Star City has been split between leaders, and at this point she's known Diggle's leadership style about as well as she got to know Oliver's. And when the leadership changes again, Dinah's loyalty may not be with who you'd think.

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During a recent Arrow set visit attended by Screen Rant, Harkavy chatted about Team Arrow and whether or not it's important to Dinah to see Oliver in a leadership role and if the secret that Diggle's been keeping from the rest of the group will sway her opinion one way or the other. Harkavy said:

David Ramsey as John Diggle as Green Arrow

"I think that as long as it's best for the team, Dinah is game. So I don't think it bothers her that John is the Arrow, I think what bothers her is that he's the Arrow while he's compromised. If Oliver went back to being the Arrow before it made sense, she would be upset with that as well, so I think it's very organic and they just try to cover their butts and make sure they don't get caught."

Thinking of Diggle as being compromised because he's hiding an injury and an addiction while leading Team Arrow after the explosive events of the season 5 finale isn't too far off the mark. It's also fascinating that she thinks Oliver, too, could be compromised if he were to return before he's ready, suggesting that even Dinah thinks Ollie's return is pretty much a foregone conclusion, no matter how much he insists he's out of the game to raise his son.

For such a new member of the team Harkavy insists that her character is only concern is the good of the group, and by extension Star City. But considering Dinah's keeping secrets of her own, after discovering her very personal connection to the man behind the Vigilante visor, perhaps she's not quite as prepared to put the good of Team Arrow ahead of her own personal feelings. At any rate, it will be interesting to see where Dinah really lands when Oliver tells Diggle it's time to step aside.

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