Arrow: How Long Will Black Canary Keep Vigilante's Secret?

With Vigilante's identity revealed, Arrow star Juliana Harkavy answers the question of just how long Dinah Drake will keep his secret.

Juliana Harkavy Vigilante Arrow Season 6

[SPOILERS for Arrow season 6.]


Arrow revealed Vigilante's secret identity during 'Deathstroke Returns' but only one member of Team Arrow was there to see the violent crime fighter unmasked. As luck would have it, Black Canary was probably the only person on the team who would have been able to identify Vincent Sobel, since she used to be his partner and she was there when he presumably died after being shot point blank in the head. But even though the killer has been found out that doesn't mean his name has been plastered on wanted ads throughout Star City. In fact, Dinah made the surprising decision to let her old partner walk and to keep his identity a secret, for a little while longer anyway.

Dinah's choice probably isn't that big of a surprise given how much characters on Arrow like to keep secrets from one another, especially those of the personal variety. This season already has one member of Team Arrow leading the others astray, as John Diggle has kept an injury and growing dependence on drugs a secret despite having taken on the mantle of the Green Arrow. On this show, most secrets are found out sooner or later; the only question is: Will Dinah be the one to tell the others or will the find out on their own?

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As Juliana Harkavy revealed during a recent Arrow set visit, discovering Vincent is the man in the orange visor was something of a shock for Dinah, so she's going to have to take some time to process her emotions before deciding what to do with the occasional menace known as Vigilante. Harkavy had this to say about Vigilante's identity:

"Well it's definitely going to put a little bit of a glitch in her path because now not only is she dealing with her past, but she has her own little secret that she needs to decide whether she's going to keep. It definitely throws a wrench in her life.

As she decides what she wants to do with him and about that... you know, she wants to feel it out, but she's also very cautious. It's something that she cautiously wants, to continue the communication [with Vigilante]."

That could be a dangerous game for Dinah to be playing, as the longer she keeps Vigilante's secret and presumably keeps him from justice, more lives could be in danger. That will no doubt weigh heavily on Dinah, but as Harkavy puts it, the new Black Canary isn't the type to keep secrets like that hidden anyway.

"Well, I don't think it's really in her nature to keep it for long, but she's going to keep it as long as she feels she is protecting him and herself and the team to some extent. And she wants to figure out really what's going on before she says anything. I hope not too long but she's going to take her time definitely."

It will be interesting to see how the Vigilante storyline progresses as season 6 moves forward, and how all the secrets that have accumulated since Oliver stepped back from his role as Green Arrow will come back to haunt the members of the team.

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