'Arrow' Behind the Scenes Video: 'The Biggest Fight Scene in the History of TV'

The CW's superhero show Arrow is a proven hit for the network, and it's that rare comic book adaptation that is managing to please just about everybody. To no one's surprise, it has been renewed for a season 3, and on top of that, it has introduced audiences to Barry Allen (a.k.a. The Flash) ahead of his own spinoff.

While The Flash will have a different tone from Arrow - more sci-fi and fantastical in tone, rather than Arrow's Batman Begins-inspired "gritty" pseudo-realism. This difference raises the question of just how The Flash will handle his adversaries, considering the character's super speed makes hand-to-hand combat somewhat irrelevant.

For Oliver Queen/Green Arrow/The Hood, however, a street-fight throw-down is all a part of the job. Indeed, the marvelously-staged fight scenes are one of the best parts of Arrow, and now star Stephen Amell and veteran fight choreographer James 'Bam Bam' Bamford take us behind-the-scenes as they prepare for what they call "the biggest fight scene in the history of the show." Watch the video at the top of the page.

Stephen Amell on the CWs Arrow

Are Amell and Bamford just being cheeky? Will the fight truly be one of the biggest "in the history of television" or simply one more well-executed batch of stunts? Could the sequence we see Amell rehearsing in the video actually be one small part of a bigger, epic battle? With the League of Assassins, maybe?

Arrow has taken us into the nuts and bolts of these fight scenes before - watch this breakdown of Black Canary's showdown with The Mayor during the first half of season two -  and as usual, Bamford and company bring an impressive level of focus and expertise to these preparations. Fight choreography is one of the more fascinating aspects of a production like this, and it sometimes goes unsung - when they're doing the job right, as on Arrow, the effort involve goes almost unnoticed. Watch as the actor and stuntmen run through the fight slowly at first, as if rehearsing a dance, only to heat up in the second, faster run-through.

It's safe to say that Arrow has some of the best stunt work on TV at the moment, and if the fight scene we see rehearsed in the video really is part of something much, much bigger, we can likely expect many more of these in-depth looks.


Arrow returns to the CW on Wednesday, February 26 @8pm with ‘Time of Death.'

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