Arrow: 8 Biggest Questions After The 150th Episode

Arrow 150th Episode

Arrow's 150th episode, "Emerald Archer", raised a number of questions as it looked back through the series' past. At the same time, season 7, episode 12 began to lay out a foundation for the show's future, both for of our heroes in 2019 and the alternate future timeline of 2038.

Most of the episode was filmed through the literal lens of a mock documentary, which was meant to explore the history of vigilantism in Star City and how their police department was breaking new ground by employing its superheroes as peace officers. This led to a film crew following Oliver Queen as he performed his duties as a deputy of Star City's police department. Naturally, this resulted in complications, as Oliver began hunting a new costumed criminal who collected the masks of vigilantes. It also featured in a number of the thrilling action sequences for which Arrow is famous, which have also made it one of the most popular superhero shows airing today.

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The documentary also included interviews with a number of people whose lives were touched by Star City's vigilantes - some of whom had not been seen on Arrow in several years. This culminated in a fantastic flash-forward sequence, which hinted at just how far the legend of Oliver Queen has spread in the years to come. Here are the biggest questions on the minds of Arrow-heads in the wake of the 150th episode.

8. Who Is Cindy Simone?

One of the first civilians to be interviewed for the Emerald Archer documentary in Arrow's 150th episode is a young woman named Cindy Simone. Cindy claims to have known The Canary, The Arrow and their whole crew since "back in the day." She also says the heroes got her out of some tight spots and she's not sure where she'd be today if it wasn't for them.

Fans might be forgiven if they completely forgot about Sin - a street-wise youth from The Glades who was a confidant to both Sara Lance and Roy Harper during Arrow season 2. Sara looked after the young woman and protected her because of a promise she had made to Cindy's dying father, whose plane was shot down over Lian Yu while she was shipwrecked there with Oliver Queen. Sin disappeared from the show after the season 3 episode "Uprising," where she told Quentin Lance that the woman in the Canary costume protecting Star City was not Sara Lance.

Cindy's full name was never given in earlier seasons, but its reveal here offers fans of the comics an amusing Easter Egg. Cindy's last name of Simone is a nod to writer Gail Simone, who created the character of Black Canary's adopted daughter, Sin, during her legendary run on the Birds of Prey comic book. Most fans consider Simone's take on the character of Black Canary to be the definitive one and Sara Lance's sassy personality was largely based upon Simone's version of Dinah Lance.

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7.  What Were The Terms of Team Arrow's Immunity Deal?

Arrow Felicity Smoak Confronts FBI Agent Samandra Watson

When Oliver Queen turned himself into the FBI and pled guilty to a number of federal charges in Arrow's season 6 finale, he cemented a plea deal for the rest of Star City's vigilantes. The exact details of this bargain were never made clear, but it was presumed that Oliver had effectively bought a full pardon for past crimes for all of his teammates and immunity from prosecution provided that they give up vigilantism after their joint mission with the FBI to try and capture Ricardo Diaz. The fact that the rest of Team Arrow had retired their costumes in season 7's premiere seemed to confirm this.

Arrow's 150th episode called this into question, after Oliver and Dinah discovered an unmasked and injured Rene "Wild Dog" Ramirez in the field, just after Emiko Queen (the new Green Arrow) was abducted. When they question Rene later at the police station, Oliver notes that the FBI had apparently made Rene's immunity from prosecution as a vigilante permanent but that the local laws of Star City still made it illegal to be a costumed vigilante. It is unclear if Rene has been given special status (perhaps due to his working with the FBI during the events of season 7, episode 3 "Crossed Lines") or if the permanent immunity to prosecution from federal crimes has been extended to the rest of Team Arrow.

6. What Happened To Helena Bertinelli?

Arrow Huntress Helena Bertinelli Jessica De Gouw

Helena "Huntress" Bertinelli was introduced into the Arrowverse in Arrow's season 1 episode "Muse of Fire." Daughter of the head of the Bertinelli Crime Family, Helena's efforts to bring down her father's criminal empire from within led to the death of her fiance; after the laptop containing the evidence Helena had been gathering was found in his apartment, it was assumed that he was an FBI mole. Oliver Queen thought he'd found a kindred spirit in Helena and the two became romantically involved for a brief time as he began training her as a vigilante. Unfortunately, Helena's blood-lust would prove greater than her desire for justice and the two parted as enemies when Helena refused to give up in her quest to kill her father.

Helena was last seen on Arrow in the season 2 episode "Birds of Prey," where she was sent to prison after achieving peace of sorts with Oliver Queen when she realized that her father's death didn't bring her the closure she thought it would. A reference was made to her in the season 6 episode "Divided," which suggested that Helena was out of prison and working as a vigilante again. This is confirmed in "Emerald Archer," after Oliver finds Helena's mask in Chimera's collection and says that he has the means to contact Huntress but is unable to get ahold of her right now.

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5. What Happened To Rory Regan?

First introduced in the Arrow season 5 episode "The Recruits", Rory Regan had a brief but memorable run as a member of Team Arrow. The sole survivor of the missile attack that destroyed the town of Havenrock, Regan lived only after his father dressed him in a suit made of rags from the time of Devarim. The suit possessed certain mystic properties that protected its wearer from harm and had been passed down, father to son, through generations of the Regan family. Under Oliver Queen's tutelage, Regan turned from the path of vengeance that sent him after the defense contractor who made the missile that killed his town and sought to honor his father's sacrifice as Ragman. Regan left Star City after his rag costume seemed to lose its magic when he used it to contain the explosion of a nuclear bomb.

Rory Regan appears briefly in the Emerald Archer documentary, where he is interviewed under his own name, suggesting that his identity is now public knowledge. Regan says that he stopped wearing a mask but didn't stop doing good. He appears reluctant to say more, however. This might be because his mask was stolen by Chimera (a fact revealed later in the episode) and he's either ashamed of this fact or his suit is still not working properly two years later. Either way, there is still no indication of precisely what Regan has been doing or where he has been since the last time he was seen two years ago.

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