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After Arrested Development was revived by Netflix for a fourth season, fans have been eagerly awaiting season 5. Every update on the show's fifth season makes it clear that the cast and crew really want to do another season, and that it will happen one way or another. After these updates, months go by and there's still no official word on new episodes.

Actor Will Arnett, who plays Gob Bluth on the show, is well aware of this cycle. In recent comments about the show, he points out that everyone involved still wants to make a fifth season but that the final decision rests in someone else's hands.

Speaking to The Wrap, Arnett discussed the frustrations of talking about the show and then seeing production stall out yet again. According to Arnett:

"I’ll do [press for] something else and I’ll say like, ‘You know, it’s something we want to do and it’s gonna happen.’ And [then] it’s on Twitter that I said, ‘It’s happening,’ or whatever, and of course it doesn’t happen. Now it’s six months later and it still hasn’t happened.”

Will Arnett as Gob and Jason Bateman as Michael in Arrested Development

He admits that a fifth season of Arrested Development is still in discussion, and that those discussions have come pretty far in the past. It's still likely to happen, though he doesn't know when:

“I’ll just say this: It’s something that’s always out there and it’s something that we’re always constantly kinda talking about, and how can we do it and when can we do it. We go so far as to start to discuss the scheduling of it and when that would be, and for whatever reason it kind of gets slowed down. ... So, at this point, my answer is: ‘I don’t f—ing know. I know that everybody is game to do it. We all love doing it.”

Of course, for a new season of Arrested Development to happen, the people who actually run the show will have to sign off on it and make it happen. Arnett explained this, saying, “The people responsible for actually putting it together just need to get their s— together.”

Arrested Development Season 4 Netflix

It can be really frustrating when fan-favorite shows struggle to keep going, especially after experiencing a major revival like Arrested Development did. With a dedicated cast who loves the show and loyal fans all but begging for its return, there most likely will be a fifth season (and possibly a sixth after that). When that happens is anyone's guess, though, especially since it will have to schedule around things like Arnett's increasing popularity and his other projects including BoJack Horseman and The LEGO Batman Movie.

Arnett's words may be little consolation to fans who really want to see the Bluth family back together again, but at least he provides a glimpse behind the scenes and how close they've come to moving forward again. With any luck, there will be a major announcement about a fifth season soon. All it's waiting for is some people to get their s--- together.

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Arrested Development seasons 1-4 are now available on Netflix.

Source: The Wrap

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