Ron Howard Begins Recording Arrested Development Season 5 Voiceover

Ron Howard

Ron Howard tweets that he has begun recording voiceover for season 5 of Arrested Development. In addition to producing the classic sitcom, Howard also provides the narration for all the show's wacky goings-on. Howard's "narrator voice" comedic device has become so iconic that it has spawned an actual meme, especially popular on Twitter (and especially useful for making fun of politicians).

Arrested Development, featuring the insane antics of the Bluth family, first premiered on FOX in 2003. Though the show never garnered great ratings, its bizarre comedy and hilarious cast won it a very loyal cult following. That cult discovered true sadness when FOX cancelled the show after just three seasons. And they discovered true elation when Netflix later revived the series for a fourth season, airing in 2013. However, many were disappointed with the disjointed nature of season 4. Due to cast scheduling conflicts, the season was broken up into vignettes focusing on a few characters at a time. With the full Bluth clan seldom assembling, the season arguably didn't build up the same comic momentum as previous seasons. But series creator Mitchell Hurwitz promises season 5 will see the full cast working together a lot more.

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As work continues on Arrested Development season 5, producer/narrator Ron Howard tweeted a picture from the recording studio where he has begun toiling away on the show's voiceover. Howard just loves posting teaser images from the workplace, as he showed over-and-over throughout the making of Solo: A Star Wars Story, the film he took over directing from Phil Lord and Chris Miller last year. See Howard's Arrested Development teaser below:

For my birthday this morning I was back at the mic for the “Next...#ArrestedDevelopment. “

— Ron Howard (@RealRonHoward) March 2, 2018

Series star Tony Hale (Buster Bluth) previously posted some teaser images from the set of season 5. And earlier, Jason Bateman (Michael Bluth) posted an image from inside the set of Lucille Bluth's swanky apartment. All the original stars are back for season 5, including Jeffrey Tambor, who recently lost his job on Amazon's Transparent due to sexual harassment allegations. David Cross recently stated that the majority of the Arrested Development cast stands behind Tambor (though we've yet to actually hear that from any cast member besides Cross).

As far as plot goes, Arrested Development season 5 will focus on a mystery surrounding the season 4 death of Lucille Austero (Liza Minnelli). As fans will recall, Austero died - or at least appeared to die; there's always the possibility of a wacky twist - after falling down the Bluth family stair-car. This "Who Killed Lucille Austero?" scenario reportedly sees every major cast member coming under suspicion. As it turns out, season 4 was just one big set-up, with every character revealing a possible motive for wanting Lucille dead. With such an intricate plot, Howard should have even more voiceover to record than usual. Hopefully, he has a good supply of lozenges.

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Arrested Development season 5 debuts on Netflix in 2018.

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